Danielle from Canada Customized a 35 Days China World Heritage Tour

Hi Grace,

Again, sorry for taking so long. We are now back into the swing of things here. I’m just now catching up on a backlog of emails.

It was lovely meeting you in Guilin. We very much appreciated it. Thank you so much for taking the time for us. It was much appreciated. I only wish we’d had more time to explore Guilin. Guilin, Yangshuo, our hike to the rice terraces and our overnight there were definite highlights for us.

China World Heritage ToursLongmen Grottoes, Luoyang

We are pleased to answer your questions now. And as Bill says you and he are now friends on Facebook so you are welcome to go through his travel log of our trip and copy any of the photos you might want to use.

Before answering the questionnaire I’d like to say how impressed we were with all the arrangements you made for us. You and China Culture Tours are definitely topnotch.

China World Heritage ToursLongmen Grottoes, Luoyang

The most memorable attraction of our tour is a difficult one for me as there were more than one. Bill on the other hand answered immediately “Terra Cotta Warriors”. I’d have to say that The Longmen Grottoes were on par with the Terra Cotta Warriors in my view.

For the guide, Linda in Guilin/Yangshuo was by far the top guide of our entire trip. Although I must say, Summer in Xi’an and Lisa in Luoyang come a very close second to Linda. In fact all the guides, even the two students, gave us very positive experiences. Linda shines above all the others due to her ability to read our unique needs and preferences. Her English language skills, knowledge and general demeanour were simply outstanding. I wish she could have followed us to Hong Kong.

China World Heritage ToursLongmen Grottoes, Luoyang

All the meals were great. We do like to order for ourselves and explore all the culinary shades of each region. Having a guide help us explore some of the more challenging menus and directing us to the local specialties was very much appreciated. (McFound was a real treat. Thank you!)

We would recommend using the bullet train whenever possible as they are fast, comfortable, dependable and a great way to see other parts of the country.

The Propaganda Poster Museum in Shanghai is a must visit. I would add going to the countryside anywhere around Guilin/Yangshuo/ the Li River is a must.

China World Heritage ToursLunch with A La Carte Menu, Luoyang

"We recommend you to customize a private World Heritage Tour based on your interests and requests!"

Qingdao was an unexpected surprise for us. It has so much more to offer than just the beer museum. The city is well worth the visit.

We would highly recommend you and your company to our friends. Please feel free to provide our contact details to any potential customers. We would be glad to answer any of their questions with regard to our China trip and the services you provided.

I hope this answers all of the questions to your satisfaction.

Thanks again for helping us have an amazing trip in your country.

Kind Regards,

Danielle and Bill from Canada, customized an UNESCO World Heritage tour of China to Beijing Pingyao Xian Luoyang Shanghai Qingdao Nanjing Guilin and Hong Kong

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