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Experience the beauty of Guizhou by visiting its iconic landmarks such as the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the picturesque Dragon's Palace Cave, and the ancient city of Zhenyuan, try the local cuisine including the famous Guizhou hotpot and rice noodles, explore the unique Miao and Dong ethnic villages, immerse in the vibrant culture by attending the colorful traditional festivals such as the Miao's Sisters' Meal Festival and the Dong's Singing and Drumming Festival, and end the trip by relaxing in the stunning natural scenery at the Anshun hot springs.

Welcome travelers worldwide to visit Guizhou, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand, as well as Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in China. We can customize your own Guizhou trip according to your preferences.

Best Private Guizhou Travel Packages

Embark on the ultimate adventure to explore the breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and fascinating ethnic diversity of Guizhou with the best Guizhou tours, where you can hike through stunning landscapes, witness traditional festivals, savor delicious local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the unique lifestyles and customs of the Miao, Dong, and other ethnic minorities that call this region their home.

6 days Guizhou Tours

Guizhou Minority Culture

6 Days Guizhou Minority, Close touch of the minority culture


Guizhou minority festival tour

Guizhou Minority Festival

7 Days Guizhou minority festival, experience the holiday atmosphere of minorities


Luxury Wild Guizhou Discovery

Wild Guizhou Trips offer a unique and immersive travel experience, with options ranging from off the beaten path exploration, birdwatching expeditions, and photography tours to trekking through traditional villages, enabling travelers to discover the authentic beauty of the region in a truly unforgettable way.

Top cultural immersions and activities in Guizhou

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Guizhou through immersive hands-on activities experience the rich cultural heritage of the diverse ethnic minority groups through interactive activities such as weaving, paper-cut, pottery, or silver making;  Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Guizhou by learning to cook local dishes; Get a glimpse into the daily life of the rural residents through activities such as rice planting, bamboo weaving, and traditional folk music performance; Experience the drum tower performance, and learn the traditional fan dance;  and some thrilling adventures such as hiking, rock climbing, rafting, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Guizhou Tours

Guizhou enjoys a temperate, humid subtropical monsoon climate. Winter is not too cold and summer is not too hot. The hottest day occurs in late July, and the coldest in early January. The best time to travel in Guizhou is in spring and autumn, especially the late March to May, and September to mid-October.
There are 49 ethnic groups in Guizhou Province with 17 ethnic minorities living in it. The number of ethnic minorities is second only to Yunnan, ranking second in China.
Guizhou, like so many cities in China, is a shopping paradise. Here you could buy the famous Maotai Alcohol, tea, embroidery products, batik products and silverwork etc.
Guiyang, Anshun, Kaili, Fanjingshan and Liping are hot travel destinations in Guizhou among travelers.
Huangguoshu Waterfall, Mount Fanjing, Xijiang Miao Village, Qingyan Old Town, Zhaoxing Dong Village, Basha Miao Village as well as other minority villages are top attractions in Guizhou.
Sister’s Meals Festival in Taijiang (April - May), Lusheng Festival (January – February or November in different places) and Miao New Year Festival in Leishan (October-November).
Usually 5 to 7 days are enough for travelers to catch the highlights. If you have 4-5 days, you can visit Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palace, etc. in Anshun and Miao and Dong ethnic villages in Qiandongnan like Kaili, Congjiang, Rongjiang. If you have 6 -7 days, you can add Mount Fanjing in Tongren, Qingyan Old Town in Guiyang or Zhenyuan Old Town near Kaili and more ethnic villages.


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