Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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Liability & Responsibility

China Culture Tour is a reliable and responsible China-based Tour Company, but we need to limit unnecessary liability and responsibility from actions taken by certain agents/representatives that are beyond our control.

1. China Culture Tour offers a China land tour package service including domestic air tickets, hotels, restaurants, vehicle/boat/cruise transfers, guide service, entrance tickets, evening shows, etc. but does not own any of the items, therefore, CCT reserve the right to make any substitution or cancelation caused by a third party or force majeure.

2. China Culture Tour is not responsible for loss or damage caused by any information, advice or suggestions provided or listed on oure website or by CCT travel consultants, because all of the information is provided for your reference only but may not be 100% accurate.

3. China Culture Tour is not responsible for any result caused by wrongful or negligent acts, fraudulence, omissions, itinerary adjustments or cancellation, attractions, hotels, cruises, vehicles, air tickets, etc. by the suppliers/agents or any third party not directly owned by China Culture Tour. CCT assumes that you agree to turn to the suppliers or other third parties for any accident, injury, damage or loss resulting from your using CCT website and the services provided by those suppliers and any third parties, for which China Culture Tour will not be responsible.

4. China Culture Tour is not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to person or death, property, delay, inconvenience, alteration of the itinerary, or cancellation in part or in full caused by climatic conditions, fires, insurrection or revolt, acts of war or civil unrest, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities, overbooking or downgrading of hotels, sanitation problems, lack of medical care, mechanical breakdown of any transportation such as a vehicle, airplanes, etc., or for any other conditions beyond the control of China Culture Tour.

5. China Culture Tour is not responsible for a client's failure to comply with customs regulations or the loss of any valuable items due to the negligence of a client.

6. China Culture Tour reserves the right to alter accommodations, airlines, attractions, restaurants or cruise ships, etc., or to cancel the tour at any time prior to the tour departure. If China Culture Tour has to cancel your booked tour partially or fully before it starts, China Culture Tour will make a full refund of the payment received. If your flight tickets have been dealt with by 3rd party China Culture Tour will not be responsible for a full refund but will take into account your airline ticket cancellation fees.

7. China Culture Tour is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items due to the negligence of the customer in a hotel, restaurants, transportation, etc.

8. Some activities in some tours, provided by China Culture Tour, need extra care and attention, such as boarding and disembarkation, climbing hills and entering and exiting tombs or caves, taking toboggan, rafting, hot balloon, camel riding, horse riding, any extreme activities, etc. China Culture Tour and its guides have offered some advice or will offer some advice and help; however, all the activities are undertaken at your own risk. China Culture Tour will not be responsible for any accidents after having fulfilled their duty and taken the necessary care.

9. China Culture Tour reserves the right to modify or rescind the terms and conditions wholly or partially at any time with or without any notice.

10. We recommend you book travel insurance to cover all the possible accidents, damage, loss, delays, cancelation, health, etc.

Cancellation Policy

In the regrettable event of your having to cancel your China Culture Tour, cancellation fees and refunds are calculated as follows. Please note that if only part of the group members cancels the tour, the price for the remaining members will increase because fewer people share the cost of the guide, transfer, hotel, and meal. So besides the cancellation fees for the canceled persons, the rest will have to pay extra. We will list the fee details in an email.

1. Cancellation letter received after sending the confirmation letter: 90% refunded and 10% charged of the total tour payment.

2. Cancellation letter received up to 15 days prior to the beginning of your confirmed China tour: 90% refunded and 10% charge of the total payment excluding penalties if applicable, charged by Yangtze River Cruise, hotels, airlines and rail. All penalties will be itemized.

3. Cancellation letter received 14 days to 7 days prior to the beginning of your confirmed China tour: 80% refunded and 20% charge of the total payment excluding penalties if applicable, charged by Yangtze River Cruise, hotels, airlines and rail. All penalties will be itemized.

4. Cancellation letter received from 6 to 3 days before the beginning of your confirmed China tour: 50% refunded and 50% charge of the total payment excluding the full cost of the Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

5. Cancellation letter received from 2 to 0 days before the beginning of your confirmed China tour: 10% refunded and 90% charge of the total payment excluding the full cost of the Yangtze River Cruise if applicable.

6. Cancellation during the tour: no refund.

7. About Yangtze Cruise cancellations and refunds: Cancellations received 7 days or less before the tour commencement or No-show travelers will not be eligible for any refund of Yangtze River Cruise.

For example, if the cancellation letter was received 7 to 14 days prior to the beginning, you paid USD10,000 to China Culture Tour, except the flight tickets cancelation fee of USD300, train tickets cancelation fee of USD100, the refundable payment is 10000-300-100=USD9600, your refund is 90%*9600=USD8640.

Complaints & Claims

If you are dissatisfied with any service provided during any segment of your tour, please inform your local tour guide or your China travel consultant immediately to avoid any similar problem arising during the next stage of your China tour. As soon as we are informed of a problem, we will endeavor to rectify it promptly and to your satisfaction. Should you feel you have a justifiable claim for compensation you need to inform us by e-mail within 14 days of completion of your tour and attach relevant documentation in support of your claim. We cannot be responsible for any claim made later than 14 days after the end of your tour but claims made within the stipulated period will be assessed fairly and efficiently. Our Company reputation is, after all, very much dependent on your recommendation and we pride ourselves on our ability to prevent problems from occurring and on solving them if and when they do. Contact: contact@chinaculturetour.com

Alteration of Itinerary

1. China Culture Tour offers, free of charge, to modify or adjust your tour itinerary until you are satisfied with it, before or after you have paid a deposit. However, China Culture Tour reserves the right to charge or reduce any reasonable cost increase or decrease due to your updated request.

2. In case of any change or cancelation in flight, cruise ship, or train schedules, or any eventuality beyond our control, China Culture Tour reserves the right to find a substitute or modify your itinerary with your tour cost recalculated accordingly.

3. China Culture Tour reserves the right to change or find a substitute for an airline/hotel/cruise ship/vehicle if the confirmed airline/hotel/cruise ship/vehicle cancels, is fully booked, or any other eventuality beyond our control. China Culture Tour will recalculate the cost accordingly.

4. If any changes or adjustments on the itinerary come from you, you will be liable to pay any additional cost caused by your changes or adjustments.

Note: China Culture Tour itineraries include if there have been no specific requests, all the flight tickets in economy class, train tickets are soft sleepers or soft seats on bullet trains, Yangtze cruise cabins are standard cabins with 0.5 cabins per adult, hotel rooms are double occupancy by sharing a room.


China Culture Tour provides insurance coverage for tourist accidents, in three parts: Accident Insurance (CNY300,000), Accidental Injury Medical (CNY6,000), and Accident Injury Medical Treatment Insurance (CNY45,000); the compensation is limited to tourist accidents, so we highly recommend that you should purchase proper international travel insurance online before your tour starts to cover other insurance such as Baggage & Personal Effects Loss, Trip Cancellation, Trip Delay, Security Evacuation, Emergency Evacuation, Medical Expense, etc.

Health Requirements

Clients are required to advise us in writing of any physical, emotional, mental or any other kind of issue that is likely to require professional/special care or use of particular equipment during the tour.

1. Clients are responsible for considering all the risks or potentiadangerser regarding their international travel, and for familiarizing themselves with the health requirements of their travel destinations and areas.

2. Clients are responsible for checking the safety and security conditions of their travel destinations and areas.

3. Clients who to plan travel to Tibet are required to provide a doctor's certificate proving that they are suitable to travel and their blood pressure and heart condition are normal. The average altitude of Tibet is about 3650 meters and the air only contains 60-68% (150-170g every per cubic meter) oxygen compared to sea the level. More about Tibet altitude

4. Clients are responsible for checking and following health & vaccination advice or requirements to enter the travel destinations and areas. It's better to consult your doctor for accurate advice.

5. China Culture Tour reserves the right to reject any client whose condition may not be suitable for a tour unless there is a legal and valid certificate stating that the client is healthy and normal.

6. China Culture Tour does not take any responsibility if a client has intentionally concealed any relevant facts or provided false certificates when booking a China tour.

Valid and legal travel documents

Clients who have booked a China tour with us should prepare and hold valid and legal passports & visas, or permits, or any necessary documents. China Culture Tour can assist with China visa applications by offering a visa invitation letter and can apply for a Tibet travel permit for those who have paid a deposit.

Clients must provide accurate documents and the exact full names and correct passport numbers on their passports (don't leave out a single letter); clients are responsible for any loss caused by inaccuracy such as wrong names/passport numbers which prevent them from boarding the plane; China Culture Tour is not responsible for any loss caused by inaccurate documents provided by clients.

Loss during Your China Tour

If any personal possessions are lost, damaged or destroyed during a tour we will assist with notifying the police and/or with any insurance claim.

1. We are not responsible for any loss caused by unpredictable reasons like robbery, theft, etc. but will assist with any ensuing investigation.

2. We are not responsible for any luggage, passports, or any valuable items lost at the airport or by an airline but we will assist with investigation and retrieval.

3. We are not responsible for any items lost in your hotel, on vehicles, at a restaurant or at a scenic spots but we will assist where possible.

4. We are not responsible for your passports or Chinese visas, but, in the event of loss, will offer all possible assistance with retrieval.

5. We are not responsible for any fake or counterfeit products which you may have bought, even if you were following our shopping tips during your tour. Clients are responsible for recognizing and identifying their goods when shopping.

Note: Any additional cost caused by the clients will be charged accordingly.


In case of emergency, urgent request, lost contact, etc. you can contact China Culture Tour via +86-773-5835179 (voice message available), fax at +86-773-5835176, mob: +86-015977325784, skype:chinaculturetour.com, or use our Contact Form to contact us.


China Culture Tour reserves all rights to the website design, text, feedback, articles, graphics, photos, the selection and arrangement, etc. All copyrights reserved by China Culture Tour.

Notification of Privacy Statement Change

China Culture Tour privacy statements may be updated slightly without any notification; if any important and significant changes take place, we will send you the latest information by e-mail, though we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% updated information via e-mail. Therefore, please check our privacy statements regularly when you visit our website.

Force Majeure

China Culture Tour is not responsible for any compensation or loss caused by the following events:

1. Natural calamities: typhoon, hail, earthquake, tsunami, flood, volcanic explosion, landslide, fire, extreme weather, etc.

2. Act of government: take over transport or amenities for government use, deny access to areas or buildings, or otherwise impede travel by government order etc.

3. Social events: war, clash of arms, strike, riot and chaos, terrorism, nuclear disaster, etc.

4. Others: flight delay, technical problems on transport, closure of airport or ports, change or cancellation of airlines, etc.

5. Any situation that is beyond our control

Charges for overweight checked luggage

Domestic flights: Generally speaking, overweight luggage is charged per kilogram at 1.5% of the applicable one-way economy class ticket on the day of billing, calculated in the RMB currency and rounded up. For example, if the one-way ticket from Guilin to Beijing is 1700 RMB, then the overweight charge per 1 kg will be 1700×1.5%=25.5 RMB. The final number would be rounded up. More about luggage.

User agreement

The fact that you are browsing our website means that you have carefully read and agreed to abide by all the terms on the website, and that you are willing to accept them without reservation and will not be allowed to change, delete or modify the terms of the relevant restrictions. If you do not agree or do not comply with the terms, please stop using this website.


The fact that you are browsing our website means that you and your CCT must acknowledge the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and related matters concerning the website in the event of the conflict of laws between different countries, and that you and your CCT agree to relegate all matters to the court of the People's Republic of China for jurisdiction.

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