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Xinjiang is rich in tourism resources, and you can experience different Xinjiang in different seasons. In spring and summer, there are grasslands, rivers and flocks in northern Xinjiang; in autumn, there are Populus euphratica forests in the desert, Turpan, Kashgar, Hotan and Taxkorgan in southern Xinjiang, and skiing in Altay in winter.

Welcome travelers worldwide to visit Xinjiang, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand, as well as Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in China. We can customize your own Xinjiang trip according to your preferences.

China Silk Road Tours

Hi Nora, We had a very great time in China. Please check my feedbacks below. Guide: Two of our guides were outstanding, Peter in Datong and Summer in Xi’an. Summer was very knowledgeable, and spent time when we were driving showing us photos on her cell phone and explaining the background of places we were going to visit. She was spontaneous, very friendly, and eager to answer all our questions..." Read More

Best Private Xinjiang Tour Packages

Experience the best of Xinjiang with our carefully curated tours featuring a well-planned itinerary that includes visits to the must-see destinations such as the Id Kah Mosque, the Karakul Lake, and the Flaming Mountains, while staying in top-rated hotels and savoring delicious local cuisine; all guided by our knowledgeable and friendly local guides, with comfortable transportation in quality vehicles, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable journey.

7 Days Xinjiang Highlights Tour with local bazaars

Highlights with Bazaars

7 Days Xinjiang Highlights, Immense space, rich culture


Xinjiang Grassland and Desert Tour

Grassland to Desert

13 Days Xinjiang drive from Duku to Kashgar, from the grassland to desert


Xinjiang Desert Camping Tour

Taklamakan Camping

5 Days Xinjiang Camping in Taklamakan Desert


Luxury Wild Xinjiang Discovery

Embark on an off the beaten path adventure in Xinjiang, by exploring the stunning natural beauty and cultural treasures of the region, including a visit to the breathtaking Kanas Lake, a drive along the scenic Duku Highway, a trek through the vast and remote Naralti Grassland, a journey into the heart of the legendary Taklamakan Desert, a stop at the picturesque Karakul Lake, and an exploration of the unique customs and traditions of the Tajik people in the historic town of Taxkorgan, etc.

Xinjiang Birding Tour


Xinjiang Birding Adventure in Ulungur Lake


Xinjiang Hiking Tours

Xinjiang Hiking

7 Days Hiking in Kanas and Hemu


Xinjiang Silk Road Trip

Xinjiang Road Trip

5 Days Xinjiang Road Trip: “Bring me that horizon!”


Top Cultural Immersion Activities and Secure Adventures in Xinjiang

Experience the vibrant culture and thrilling outdoor adventures of Xinjiang through a variety of top hands-on cultural activities, such as learning the art of Uyghur dance or traditional embroidery, exploring local markets and bazaars, and tasting delicious regional cuisine, while also embarking on the best outdoor adventures like trekking through the stunning Tianshan Mountains, skiing on world-class slopes, taking a camel ride through the vast Gobi Desert, and kayaking along the scenic Ili River.


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