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Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

The Silk Road is an international route with historical significance. It was built through interactions between ancient Chinese, Indian, Creek and Roman civilizations. It promoted cultural exchange between the East and the West. Also through this route, silk, lacquer ware, gunpowder, the art of papermaking and the art of printing were introduced to the West. Religious cultures like Buddhism and Islamism, quality horse species, rare jewels and precious diamonds were imported in these regions. Cara Curry Lake, which is translated as the black sea is 30 meters deep with an altitude of 3,600 meters and a land area of over 100,000 square kilometers. As a morainal lake, it has a unique charm to offer. The surrounding mountains reflect on the surface of the lake which makes them mysterious yet fascinating. The landscape will never fail to attract any visitors here.

Xinjiang Silk Road Tour: Urmuqi, Turpan, Kashgar and Karakuli Lake

Xinjiang Silk Road Tour: Urmuqi, Turpan, Kashgar and Karakuli Lake

Day 1: Urmuqi - When you walk out to the arrival hall you will find your personal tour guide holding a name sign. Together you will take the private, air-conditioned vehicle back to the hotel. Make use of the day by visiting Red Hill Park, which is a landmark of Urumqi. You can also visit the Xinjiang Museum, known for being the largest comprehensive museum of cultural relics and a bustling international bazaar.

Hotels recommended: luxury hotels - Sheraton Urumqi Hotel or similar

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 2: Urmuqi - Today you’ll explore highlights outside of Urumqi. You will take a 1.5 hour ride to Heavenly Lake. The excitement builds as you take the shuttle bus up the mountain. Heavenly Lake is a natural alpine lake with Snow Mountain as the background. A boat cruise is taken on Heavenly Lake to see its beauty up close. Lunch is later arranged on the mountain. After, you will head back to the city, and visit Nanshan Pasture en route. It used to be the summer palace and hunting field for the Qing Dynasty. It is now a famous site for domestic tourists who yearn for a view of pasture with yurt and cows scattering through the green woods and grasslands.

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 3: Urmuqi/Turpan - Take a private car or train to Turpan,which is about 2 hours away from Urumqi. The first impression of Turpan is hot and dry weather. Due to the climate, the sweetest grapes in the country are produced there. You will visit villages in Tuyugou Valley, take a look at how local people make dried grapes and taste fresh ones or dried ones. After lunch you will visit Sugong Pagoda, which is the most ancient Islamic pagoda in Xinjiang. Lastly, you’ll visit Kan’er Well. It is a special irrigating system applied in deserts and is regarded as one of the greatest projects in ancient times; the other two being the Great Wall and Jinghang Grand Canal. Check it out and see how the system became an underground oasis for local people.

Hotels recommended: Tuha Petroleum Hotel , Jiaohe Manor Hotel or similar

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 4: Turpan/Urmuqi/Kashgar - Jiaohe Ruins are a highlight when traveling in Turpan. It is considered the best preserved ruin of its kind. It was constructed from 2 to 5 century BC, culminating in the Tang Dynasty and decaying between the 9th and 14th century. It remains the largest ancient city with no inhabitants. Lunch is provided at a local fine restaurant, after which you’ll be escorted back to Urumqi for your flight to Kashgar. Your local guide in Kashgar will meet you at the arrival destination and transfer you to the hotel.

Hotels recommended: Kashgar Yinruilin International Hotel, Kashgar Shenzhen Air International Hotel, or similar

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 5: Kashgar - Walking down the streets of Kashgar, you’ll get used to the round mosque easily. Id Kah Mosque is the largest of its kind in China. It is quiet when walking inside the Mosque and you may see local Islamic people praying in the chamber. Among many Islamic architectures, you shouldn’t miss Apak Hoja Mazzar, also known as fragrant princess tomb. Although the tomb spans five generations of 72 people, the spectacular architecture is one of the key reasons to visit. After, lunch is given at a local fine restaurant. You’ll visit Gaotai Dwellings shortly after (Folk House on Hathpace) to see local people living in the old town in a traditional way. It is similar to a live museum because you’ll see the defense system, the functions of each room, the skills of using space wisely and the interesting handmade shops. You’ll spend the rest of the day wandering in the Livestock Bazaar to see how local people conduct business.

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 6: Kashgar/Karakuli/Kashgar - Today is a long drive to Lake Karakuli which is approximately 4 hours. Lake Karakuli is famous for its different water color during different times of the day. The Lake itself is not large, but it is surrounded by snow mountains. It looks charming and breathtaking with the reflection of Snow Mountains.

Silk Road Journey till to the Karakuli Lake

Day 7: Kashgar - Today is packing day in preparation of leaving Kashgar for your next destination. Your guide and driver will escort you to the airport safely and on time.

Meals: Breakfast included in the hotel, fine local restaurants for lunch or dinner upon your request

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