Abelson from US Customized a 30 Days China World Heritage Tour

A month in China with China Culture Tour

This review is long overdue as my wife and I traveled for one month in China in October 2016(not 2017 as noted below.) The trip was flawless. Grace is the epitome of a wonderful host and we had the great pleasure of having dinner with her when we were in Guilin. Our trip stretched across the country from Beijing in the northeast to Shangri-La in the southwest. We saw all the major highlights and spent countless hours in country villages meeting and interacting with the wonderfully warm and engaging people of China.


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Everything went seamlessly, thanks to the careful planning by Grace and her company. We made some small tweaks to our itinerary, mostly due to changes in hotels. But, the plan put together by Grace and her people was fabulous. And with meticulous screening, our local guides, who would stay with us for a few days in each location, were unbelievably informative and kind. They treated us like family and we got to know a lot about them and consequently, a lot about China. I cannot say enough about CCT and its professionalism and grace :) with which our trip was put together. We are about to embark on another journey to Southeast Asia, and CCT now has toured there also. I will look at other proposals from other tour companies, but I cannot imagine that we would not choose CCT for our 6 weeks in Southeast Asia. They are just that good.

Abelson from the USA, customized a UNESCO World Heritage tour of China to Beijing Pingyao Xian Chengdu Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Guilin Shanghai and Hong Kong

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CHINA OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2019 We researched several companies and studied reviews on Trip Adviser before contacting who did a very China Culture Tour with an initial query. Right from the outset Grace who owns the company was excellent. She emailed detailed with pictures information and a suggested…read more details

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