Fuli Ancient Town

Fuli Ancient Town

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Facts of Fuli Ancient Town

  • Name: Fuli/福利/fú lì
  • Open hours: all-day
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Tour time: 1-4 hours
  • Where: located to the east of Yangshuo, about 50 minutes by bike, 20 minutes by car
  • Attractions nearby: Xingping Ancient Town, about 25 minutes drive; Liugong Village, about 50 minutes by bike via Pukou but 2-3 hours by hike

Brief Introduction

With a history of more than one thousand years, Fuli Ancient Town boasts magnificent scenery and unique culture. This ancient town in Yangshuo County is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Li River on one side. Li River is divided into two branching streams in the upper reaches by a big shoal and is held up by mountains in Fuli. The result is the formation of a silver shoal, a deep pool, and winding branches of the Li River.

Fuli Ancient TownFuli Ancient Town

Fuli Ancient Town has been an important wharf of the Li River. In ancient wars, many people from southeast China, including Fujian and Guangdong, fled to Yangshuo, while many settled in Fuli. Almost half of the population in Fuli are immigrants. This is why Fuli Ancient Town is the only town in mainland China that has Goddess Matsu Culture. The original culture (Nuo Culture) of Fuli remains. Nuo music and dance have great artistic value.

Also known as the “Land of Painted Fans,” Fuli is one of the biggest painting fan production bases. Almost all the residents in Fuli are good at painting. Many famous painters in China are from Fuli, one of them being Li Zhenou whose flower-bird paintings are exhibited on Tiananmen Square.

Fuli Ancient TownOpen Air Haircutting

You will see a 100-meter painted-fan street after you reach the shore. One old street sells painted fans that local people make. The painting of the fans is mostly based on the scenery of Guilin or Yangshuo.

Fuli is not only famous for its painted fans, but also the rich cultural symbols and the scenery there. The ancient gates, walls, creeks, pavilions and temples, the old streets and architectures, and the green fields on the banks are all reasons why Fuli is worth visiting.

What to do and to see in Fuli Ancient Town

Fuli Ancient Town
  • Stay in the Best hotel in Banyan Tree Resort
  • Visit the old street, painting and calligraphy experience, Li River, Bamboo Rafting
  • Visit the local "Naozi" Market on every 2nd, 5th and 8th each month, biking around the countryside
  • Visit a small winemaking workshop, oil press workshops, hairdressing room, local supermarket, etc.
  • Hiking tour from Fuli Pier to Liugong Village, biking tour from Fuli to Pukou and boat cross the river to Liugong Villag
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