Jiuxian Village Yangshuo

Jiuxian Village, Yangshuo

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  • Name: Jiuxian Village/旧县村/jiù xiàn cūn
  • Open hours: all-day
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Tour time: about 1 hour
  • Where: located nearby the Yulong River and 50 minutes by bike from West Street
  • Attractions nearby: Yulong River, Hotel Secret Garden

Brief Introduction

Jiuxian Village lies along the Yulong River in Yangshuo County, which was previously named Guiyi Town in the Tang Dynasty. Due to its long history, Jiuxian was honored as the home of generals and successful candidates in the highest imperial civil service examination.

Historical relics can be found throughout Jiuxian Village. There are city walls from the Tang Dynasty, buildings from the Ming Dynasty, and villa gardens for those candidates of the highest imperial civil service examination, along with others.

The styles of the relics vary widely presenting the architectural differences between Dynasties. The old bridges are exquisite and elegant. All of them, together with the old streets, yards, and ancestral temples are well-preserved. The architectural landscape of Jiuxian Village and the natural landscape of the Yulong River contributes to the popularity of Yangshuo as a  tourist attraction.

What do see

Old buildings, City Wall and Rural scenery

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