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Xian Travel Guide

Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, is one of the four ancient capitals in China that served 12 imperial capitals for about 1,120 years. It is the eastern terminal of the Silk Road. Xi’an was referred to as “Chang’an” before the Ming Dynasty. With a history of more than 3,100 years, Xi’an is a world famous tourist destination. It is a treasure trove full of historical and cultural relics. Among them is the Terracotta Warrior built in the Qin Dynasty, which is the most well-known home and abroad.

If China is a big tree then Beijing would be the crown of the tree, while Xi’an is the root. In this ancient capital the 5,000 year of Chinese culture is still spreading, including customs, virtues, traditions, and among other aspects. Xi’an, a great ancient city compared to Athens, Cairo, and Rome, has the spirit of a great city unrestrained.

There are many things there. There, are a few national treasures or a pile of bricks from the Qin Dynasty that can be dug. The buildings and tombs cannot be present in this ancient city, because there the atmosphere is filled with classics and legends. Thinking of the camel bell at the beginning of the Silk Road, goes back to a time where people from other parts of the world went there to pay respect to the Emperor, Monk Xuanzang. He translated lections under the light, and Yang Guifei who danced in a luxurious dress. One may unconsciously have a mixed feeling of modernity and history while walking along the streets and city walls.

The walls of the city of Xi’an remain still and Wild Goose Pagoda is erected high. There is a myriad of skyscrapers and cars. Restaurants spread all over the city offering a feast for the stomach of visitors. It is impossible to describe Xi’an in a few paragraphs. You can get your own feeling of Xi’an when you set foot on this charming land and experience the past and present all in one place.

The Starting Point of the Silk Road

In 2nd century A.D., to widen areas of Western Han, Emperor Hanwu adopted the policy of associating with the distant countries and attacking nearby ones creating the “Silk Road” starting from Xi’an which connected Europe, Asia and Africa.

At the time of Western Han of two thousand years ago, Zhang Qian, starting from the ancient Chang’an, was sent to western countries for two diplomatic missions. This is the first and largest economic exchange activity in western countries in Chinese history. Since then, the Silk Road has become notable around the world. The Silk Road started from the ancient Chang’an in the east and went across Xinjiang from two roads of south and north respectively from the Hexi corridor to Dunhuang and until Europe. The overall length is more than 7,000 kilometers. It became the main road for China to communicate with western countries over more than 1,000 years. Due to the great power of the Western Han and the prosperity of the imperial Chang’an city, Chang’an is known for the creation of the Silk Road in material and execution.