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Sichuan is a marvelous destination composed of many travel highlights along its beaten paths. It is home to four of the world’s heritage sites. They include the Giant Panda Sanctuaries, Emei Mountain, Huanglong and Jiuzhai Valley. On the beaten path itinerary to Shangri La in Yunnan, whether going to Tibet or to Gansu it is an opportunity to experience incredible landscapes and culture.

China Foodie Tour

Dear Grace and Jean, WOW!!! What a wonderful day in Xian!!  Summer, our guide, and the driver are so gracious and fun to travel with. Spectacular weather for our relaxing bike ride traveling on the ancient city wall.  Tasty lunch and tea experience prior to visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. We were amazed by all the history we saw and history still to be unearthed at the..." Read More

Best Sichuan Travel Packages

For the best Sichuan tour experience with top-rated hotels, exceptional guided services, and an immersive itinerary that takes you on a journey through the region's stunning natural landscapes, delicious cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, look no further than our carefully curated selection of Sichuan tours.

Chengdu Tours

Chengdu Essence and Food

4 Days Chengdu Essence Tour


Chengdu Panda Tours

Romantic Encounter with Giant Pandas

5 Days Panda Volunteer Tour


Chengdu Buddism Tour

A Baptism of Chinese Buddhism

4 Days Sichuan Buddhism Tour


Luxury Wild Sichuan Trips

Explore the hidden gems and lesser-known regions of Sichuan, including the picturesque Tibetan villages of Danba and Tagong, the stunning natural scenery of Yading National Park, the cultural and historical sites of Langzhong and the lesser-visited parts of the famous Jiuzhaigou Valley, while indulging in the spicy and flavorful local cuisine and experiencing the warm hospitality of the local people.

Panda Volunteer and Gorgeous Nine Valley

Panda and Nine Valley

7 Days Chengdu, Bifengxia Panda Reserve and Jiuzhaigou/Nine Valley


Sichuan Tours

Western Sichuan

9 Days getaway to Kangding, Litang and Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve


World Heritage Discovery in Sichuan

World Heritages in Sichuan

9 Days Panda, Mt. Qingcheng, Leshan & Emei, Jiuzhaigou Valley


Culture Immsion in Sichuan, Icing on the Cake

Sichuan offers a wide range of cultural activities such as visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha, watching Sichuan opera including the Face Changing, and exploring ancient towns like Langzhong, as well as outdoor adventures like hiking in Jiuzhaigou National Park, rafting in the Yalong River, Ice climbing in Siguniang Mt. and watching the adorable giant pandas at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.


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CHINA OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2019 We researched several companies and studied reviews on Trip Adviser before contacting who did a very China Culture Tour with an initial query. Right from the outset Grace who owns the company was excellent. She emailed detailed with pictures information and a suggested…read more details

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