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A Sichuan customized tour is a personalized travel experience tailored to your specific interests and preferences, offering the opportunity to explore the diverse natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique local cuisine of this western Chinese province, including iconic destinations such as the pandas in Chengdu, the stunning landscapes of Jiuzhaigou National Park, Leshan Big Buddha, Emei Mountain, Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserv, and more, to immerse yourself in the rich culture such as cooking class, face changing learning, natural beauty, and vibrant history of the region and the famous spicy hot pot dishes originating from the Sichuan cuisine while tailoring your tour to suit your individual interests and preferences. Moreover, we can help  you create your travel of birding and photography.

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Dear Grace: My husband and I are back home in Boca Raton after an exceptional trip to china. The entire tour was well organized. We enjoyed every minute of it all. The restaurants were good, the hotels..." Read More

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