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When is the best time to travel

The best time to travel to Hangzhou would be during the months of April to June and September to November when the weather is pleasant, the temperature is mild, the skies are clear, and the scenic beauty of the city is at its best, making it a perfect time to explore the lush green gardens, marvel at the stunning landscapes, wander around the charming streets and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, without getting fatigued due to extreme heat or cold weather conditions.

The weather in Hangzhou is warm and humid with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 16.2℃. The average temperature in the summer is 28.6℃ while in winter it is 3.8℃.

In March and April, the weather is warm and flowers are blooming. The temperature is between 9℃ and 15℃. It is the best season to visit Hangzhou because of the comfortable weather and beautiful scenery.

From late June to early July, it is the plum rain season. Sometimes the weather ranges from sunny to rainy, often in the same day.

In early and mid-August, typhoons occur frequently and the weather is showery. Also, the temperature during this time is between 20℃ and 26℃. If you are visiting during this season you will need both a sun and rain umbrella while traveling.

In September and October, the weather is cold and cool. However, you should prepare more clothes in case the strong cold air is present after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Winters in Hangzhou are cold and damp like other places in the Southern Regions of the Yangtze River. Even northerners cannot bear the coldness without thick and warm clothes. If you are traveling during this season it is best to have heavy clothing to endure the cold weather.

Spring (From March to May)

After spring, the warm and cold air alternates frequently. Also, warm and cold air varies and the temperature ranges. Additionally, rainfall is heavy and the weather is volatile. When cold air appears, the late spring coldness is simultaneous with low temperatures and rain. At the end of spring, there are thunderstorms, hail, among other weather conditions. The average temperature in the spring is 17℃ and average rainfall is between 330 millimeters and 450 millimeters.

In March, the temperature in Hangzhou ranges between 6℃ and 14℃, especially in mid-March. It is cold in the morning, at noon and in the evening. A pair of warm shoes, trousers, long sleeves, and a warm coat is necessary. However, in late March, the temperatures are between 9℃ and 18℃. Around noon it is warmer and you can get rid of your coat. Elderly people and children should wear more clothing to endure the cold.

In mid-April, the temperature in Hangzhou ranges between 12℃ and 21℃. The weather is comfortable. The temperatures in late April are between 15℃ and 25℃. It’s warm and even hot in the afternoon. Long sleeves and trousers are great for this weather.

In May, the average temperature is between 17℃ and 25℃. During the day the average temperature is 25℃. Thus, we suggest you wear warm clothes, such as suits, lined garments, wind-breakers, casual clothes, jackets, thin sweaters, and so on. The rain is moderate so it is a good time to travel.

Summer (From June to August)

Southern winds reign in early summer. In addition, warm and moist airflow is active. The weather is rainy. Moreover, both temperature and humidity are increasing. The wind is light and the weather is muggy. After early July, the rainy season is over and the high heat in the summer begins. In late August, the wet monsoon is high. Under the effect of the subtropical high, it is hot and dry except for some places having thunderstorms. The average temperature in the summer is between 26℃ and 27℃ and the average rainfall is between 530 millimeters and 630 millimeters. Remember to take rain gear and dry clothes while traveling.

In June, the average temperature is between 21℃ and 29℃. During the day, the average temperature is 29℃. Clothes with a breathable material like cotton fabric shirts, thin long skirts, and T-shirts are advisable. However, the average temperature is 21℃. Also, you should wear comfortable clothes, such as cotton suits, T-shirts, jeans and casual clothes.

In July, the temperature in Hangzhou is between 25℃ and 33℃. The average temperature is 33℃ during the day. Clothes with a breathable material like cotton fabric short sleeves, skirts, and shorts are desirable. On the contrary, the average temperature at night is 21℃. You can wear clothes with a breathable material like cotton fabric, for instance, shirts, thin long skirts, and thin T-shirts. As for shoes, you can wear slippers or sandals.

In August, the temperatures are between 25℃ and 33℃, which are almost the same as in July. Dress tips are similar to that in July. There is a lot of rain in July and August.  

Autumn (From September to November)

Hangzhou’s autumn starts in late September and the temperatures are between 20℃ and 25℃. The highest temperature during the day is 27℃ while the temperature at night is 15℃. At this time, autumn clothing is suitable, such as a long-sleeved shirt, a thin coat, long jeans, or casual pants. Octobers in Hangzhou are rainy. You should carry an umbrella at all times. In November, you need to take warm coats, shoes, and pants. In short, the average temperature is between 16℃ and 17℃, and the average rainfall is between 140 millimeters and 200 millimeters.

In September, the temperature in Hangzhou is between 21℃ and 28℃. Most of the time, you can wear summer clothing. A coat should be prepared in case of weather changes or air conditions of rooms or cars. Travels in Hangzhou are mainly walking and sightseeing so wearing sneakers are better.

In October, the temperature in Hangzhou is between 15℃ and 23℃. Most days are fine and slightly rainy. The temperature is moderate and cool. The heady fragrance of laurel blossom wafted through the fresh air. It’s the best time for a tour. It is hot without rain but is cold if it rains. The temperature may down to 10℃ and you may see your breath. You should wear two clothes and a warm coat morning and evening. Warm shoes, long pants, and warm coats must be taken.

In November, the temperature in Hangzhou is between 15℃ and 23℃. The cold air comes at the end of October and the weather is cold since November. You should wear warm clothes, coats, a sweater, and warm shoes and take an umbrella.

Winter (From December to February)

The temperature drops sharply in the winter. In January, the weather is windy and cold but there is no rain. After the beginning of Spring, the wind is weakened and the temperature is slowly rising. Meanwhile, rainfall and snow increase. The average temperature in the winter is between 6℃ and 7℃ and the average rainfall is between 260 millimeters and 290 millimeters, which are not for traveling.

In December, the temperature in Hangzhou is between 3℃ and 11℃. The weather is dry due to rare rain. There is a large day and night temperature difference and the sunshine duration is long. Frost is expected in the morning so we suggest you wear a thin sweater, a down jacket, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. You can take off your down jacket indoors and leave the sweater.

In January, the temperature is between 1℃ and 8℃. It’s cold and damp in late January with temperatures between -5℃ and -8℃. A down jacket, thermal undergarments, warm shoes, scarf, hat, and gloves should be taken with you if you’re traveling during this time.

In February, temperatures in Hangzhou are between 3℃ and 10℃. It is warmer than in January but you should still take a scarf, a pair of gloves, a down jacket, and a pair of warm shoes with you to stay warm.

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