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Xian Local Cuisine

Xian Local Cuisine

Xi’an is a famous tourist city known for its gourmet food and snacks. In Xi’an, you can savor Shaanxi delicious food without any limitations.

When choosing between the gourmet food in Xi’an, we highly recommend “two feasts” and “two paomos.”

The “two feasts” are a Shaanxi local feast in Xi’an restaurants and dumpling feasts can be found in dumpling restaurants on Defachang and Jiefang Road. Shaanxi local snack feast is known as “Jinxiang Shaanxi.” There are over 70 to hundreds of snacks throughout the province, together with traditional specialty dishes of Xi’an restaurants, famous high quality and innovative dishe. Defachang dumpling restaurant and dumpling restaurants on Jiefang Road are all a “China Time-honored Brand” and have had a long history. The dumplings they sell are unique and known as the “Historical Flavor.”

The “two Paomo” are pita bread soaked in lamb soup and Hulutou Paomo. Pita bread soaked in lamb soup is renowned in Lao Sunjia restaurant and Tong Shengxiang restaurant while Hulutou Paomo is best made at Chunfa restaurant. Lao Sunjia and Tong Shengxiang are both famous China brands that have had a history of about a century. The Muslim main dishes and snacks, mutton in hot pot and beef in hot pot cooked by the two restaurants are delicious and tasty while full of local tastes. Chun Fasheng restaurant was built in 1920 and has a history of over 80 years. The name “Chun Fasheng” was selected by a celebrated person from Du Fu’s poem “A good rain knows its season, and comes when spring is here” that was written in 1920. It is said that the technique of Chun Fasheng Hulutou Paomo was taught by the King of Medicine Sun Simiao from the Tang Dynasty.

In addition, Xi’an dieting culture is full of intense northwestern amorous feelings. It is a pleasure to taste various local snacks while traveling in Xi’an. Chinese hamburger, pita bread soaked in lamb soup, cold noodle, buckwheat noodle, Hulutou, roast meat and rice noodle with sheep blood are local famous snacks. It is a unique experience to taste the local gourmet food when you travel to Xi’an. Having an unforgettable bowl of pita bread soaked in lamb soup, tasting a piece of Chinese hamburger and eating a plate of cold noodle with hot pepper will leave you with a great impression of the ancient city-Xi’an.