Causeway Bay Hong kong

Causeway Bay

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Causeway Bay, located in the west of the North Shore Center of HK Island, is a main commercial and recreational region of HK. Many people compare Causeway Bay to Shinjuku, Japan as this district contains many large Japanese supermarkets and shopping malls. It is the center of shopping, entertainment, food of HK, as well as the best place for shopping of luxury goods. If you have an interest in fashion, going to Causeway Bay is a must (especially Sogo and Time Square). Aside from Causeway Bay is a Typhoon Shelter, where “Sampan Restaurant” is a specialty.

Causeway Bay is the most crowded place where middle and top-grade commodities and foods can be found. There are all types of HK markets and Japanese-style department stores.

Traveling around Causeway Bay, you can take the route starting from Winsor House on Great George Street and ending at Time Square in the West of Causeway Bay. Along this route, you can travel to Hang Lung, Fashion Island, Island Beverley Center, World Trade Center, Sogo, Causeway Bay Square, Mitsukoshi, Jardine’s Crescent and Lee Garden among others.

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