Big Buddha in Hong Kong

Big Buddha

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As the biggest bronze Buddha in the world, Tian Tan Big Buddha is about 34 meters high with its pedestal, weighs 250kg, and is made of 202 pieces of bronze. The Buddha of 5 tons is cast in 2kg gold, which adds radiance to it. The design of the Buddha is based on the Tang Dynasty. It looks solemn and amiable. He faces north with his right hand raised on his chest and five fingers extended horizontally, which symbolizes help for those that are tortured. His left land is put on his foot, palm facing out and fingertip leaning slightly downward, which symbolizes happiness for others.

This Big Buddha is the achievement of high technology and East Asian art. There are 260 stone steps from the bottom of Muyu Mountain to the pedestal of the Buddha. The pedestal is styled into the Temple of Heaven, thus the name "Tian Tan Big Buddha". Its internal structure consists of 3 layers, the Merit, Exhibition, and Memorial Hall. A stone tablet is also inscribed with the names of donors in Merit Hall.

On the sea to the west of HK Island, is the open and beautiful Lantau Island. The magnificent Po Lin Temple is located on the island next to the Big Buddha on the Muyu Mount with an elevation of 482.

Big Buddha is a copper statue built in the early 1990s. It was designed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Ministry and made of 200 copper castings. It covers nearly 6,567 square meters and weighs 250 tons. It is the highest and largest copper Sakyamuni Buddha statue in the world.

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