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5 Days China Travel Itinerary, Plan a 5 Days China Tour

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In a 5 days China trip itinerary, you can visit 1 or 2 destinations, for example, 5 days in Beijing, 5 days to Inner Mongolia, 5 days to Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan, 5 days to Guilin including Yangshuo or even Longji Rice Terraced Fields, 5 days Shanghai and Yellow Mt., or Shanghai Suzhou and Hangzhou, etc. Customize a 5 Days China tour »

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5 Days China ItineraryCooking Experience, Chengdu

"WOW!!! What a wonderful day in Xian!! Summer, our guide, and the driver are so gracious and fun to travel with. Spectacular weather for our relaxing bike ride traveling on the ancient city wall. Tasty lunch and tea experience before visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. We were amazed by all the history we saw and the history still to be unearthed at the special living museum..." View more »

5 Days itinerary for Beijing and Xi'an

Day 1: Arrive in Beijing and spend the day exploring Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Day 2: Visit the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace in the morning, and take an afternoon tour of the Great Wall.

Day 3: Take a morning flight to Xi'an, and spend the day visiting the Terracotta Warriors, the ancient city walls, and Muslim Street at night.

Day 4: Day round-trip to Huashan Mountain, one of the most sacred Taoist mountains in China.

Day 5: Return to Beijing for your flight to your next destination.

5 Days itinerary for Shanghai and Suzhou

5 Days China ItineraryThe Bund, Shanghai

Day 1: Arrive in Shanghai, the Bund, Shanghai Tower, and Yuyuan Garden.

Day 2:  Round-trip to Suzhou, visit the Lingering Garden, Grand Canal, and the Master of the Nets Garden.

Day 3: Take a bullet train back to Shanghai, and visit the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Old Street.

Day 4: Visit Xitang Water Town, and take a cruise on the Huangpu River to see the Shanghai skyline from the water at night.

Day 5: Return to Shanghai for your flight to your next destination.

5 Days itinerary for Shanghai and Huangshan

Day 1: Shanghai, the Bund,  the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Tower, the second-tallest building in the world, for a panoramic view of the city.

Day 2: Shanghai, the Yuyuan Garden, the Shanghai Old Street, and the Xintiandi, a trendy area known for its restaurants, bars, and shops.

Day 3: Take a flight or train to Huangshan city, Visit the Beihai Scenic Area, known for its beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs, Visit the Tunxi Old Street, a charming area that preserves the traditional architecture and culture of the city.

Day 4: Huangshan, Take the cable car to the top of the Yellow Mountains, Explore the mountain, known for its stunning granite peaks, pine trees, and "sea of clouds", and See the famous scenic spots such as the Beginning-to-Believe Peak, the Lion Peak, and the Bright Summit Peak.

Day 5: Huangshan, Visit the Xihai Grand Canyon, a beautiful canyon known for its stunning rock formations. Visit the Yuping Building, a traditional Chinese building that offers beautiful views of the mountains, Take a flight or train back to Shanghai or your next destination.

5 Days China Itinerary to Guilin including Yangshuo

Day 1:  Arrive in Guilin, Visit Reed Flute Cave, Explore Elephant Trunk Hill,  explore the night of Guilin by visiting the pedestrian streets, Dongxi Allies,  walking around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes.

Day 2:  Drive about 2 hours to explore the Longji Rice Terraces and back, overnight in Guilin.

Day 3: Take a 4 hours cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, biking in the afternoon. Explore West Street at night or enjoy the Impression Sister Liu.

Day 4: Take a bamboo rafting trip on the Yulong River, rock climbing, and cave exploration,  and visit the picturesque Xingping Ancient Town/Fuli Ancient Town.

Day 5: Drive to Guilin Airport or Yangshuo Train station.

5 Days China Itinerary to Zhangjiajie

5 Days China ItineraryGrass Bridge, Zhangjiajie

Day 1: Arrive in Zhangjiajie

Day 2: Visit Zhangjiajie National Forest Park including Huangshi Village and Golden Whip Stream

Day 3: Visit Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain

Day 4: Tour of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon with Glass Bridge  and Yellow Dragon Cave

Day 5: Visit Tianmen Mountain & end

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5 Days China ItineraryGreat Wall, Beijing
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