3 Days Yangshuo Travel Itinerary

3 Days Yangshuo Itineraries

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Based on years of experience in customizing tours, we have specially provided the following 3-day route for your reference. We analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the route and suitable groups, hoping to help you on your Yangshuo trip!

If the following route is not what you want, contact us and create your own Yangshuo tour.

3 Days Yangshuo Family Tour

  • Day 1: Embark on a bike ride through the stunning countryside of Yangshuo and enjoy leisure time on West Street.
  • Day 2: Visit the local market in the morning and try a Chinese cooking class. Try your hand at rock climbing on Karst Mountains in the afternoon.
  • Day 3: Head to Xianggong Hill for a stunning view of Li River, shop for souvenirs at Xingping Ancient Town and stay for sunset, watch and photograph the cormorant fishing.

Hotels in Yangshuo: Mountain Retreat, beside the Yulong River; Banyan Tree Resort, 10-15 minutes driving from West Street, located in Fuli, aside the Li River

Why this 3 days Yangshuo Family Tour?

  • This tour route includes many activities suitable for families with kids, like biking, cooking class, rock climbing and cormorant fishing.
  • When riding a bike in the countryside, you could stop here and there to get some nice photos.
  • By taking the Chinese cooking class, children’s hands-on ability can be exercised. Besides, it is a great chance to get to know the local life when visiting the local market and purchasing the ingredients and learning about China’s food culture. After the cooking class, you will enjoy the dishes cooked by yourselves.
  • Spend about 20 minutes ascending to Xianggong Mountain to have a breathtaking view over the best bend of the Li River.
  • Have the chance to watch the process of traditional fishing-cormorant fishing.
  • If you want more hands-on or culture experiences, see here: Yangshuo culture experiences and activities.

3 Days Yangshuo Culture Tour

  • Day 1: Get a workout by taking the Taichi lesson in Yangshuo Park and taking calligraphy and painting lessons. End the day with a leisurely bamboo rafting in Yulong River.
  • Day 2: Try tea leaves picking at Qixianfeng Tea Plantation and rent a bike or scooter to explore the charming Yangshuo countryside.
  • Day 3: Go biking from Yangshuo town to Yulong Bridge and back. After lunch, 2-3 hours’ paddle board experience with a romantic afternoon tea.

Hotels in Yangshuo: Mountain Retreat, beside the Yulong River; Banyan Tree Resort, 10-15 minutes driving from West Street, located in Fuli, asidefrom  the Li River

Why this 3 days culture tour?

  • There are so many culture experiencesonn this tour, including Taichilessonsn, calligraphy and painting lessons and tea leafs picking. Learn more cultural activities >>.
  • It is suitable for all travel groups, like families with kids, young travelers, seniors and Chinese culture lovers.
  • Some basic skills of Chinese Taichi will be learned and Yang Style Taichi will be demonstrated by the master during the Taichi lesson.
  • Learn to write some simple Chinese characters with brush.
  • In the tea plantation, get to pick and dry the tea in the traditional way followed by a tea tasting and introduction to the Chinese tea ceremony.
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Helpful Recommendations

  • Hotels in Yangshuo: The hotels listed in the above itinerary are selected by us based on the feedback of our former clients and Tripadvisor. Of course, there are other hotels for you to choose. Just let us know your needs, and we can offer suggestions accordingly.
  • Famous Yangshuo local dishes: Guilin Rice Noodles, Beer Fish, Beer duck and Stuffed Li River Snails, etc.
  • Yangshuo Interesting Night Activities: West Street, Chinese massage, Impression Show of Sanjie Liu and Cormorant fishing, etc.
  • Culture experiences and outdoor activities: cooking, painting, Taichi, biking, hiking, rafting, drifting, paddle boarding and rock climbing, etc. How much for 3 days Yangshuo tour including guide, vehicles, sights, hotels and some meals, etc.
  • Generally speaking, the tour including 5-star hotel costs about USD200-USD300 per person per day, USD200-USD250 for boutique hotels and 4-star hotels.
  • If you want a luxury Yangshuo tour, we can upgrade the vehicles, hotels, meals and add more culture and hands-on experiences for you.
  • If you want to save some cost, we can reduce some culture and hands-on activities, only arranging the essence tours for you. In addition, you can change to economy hotels or even book the hotels on your own.
  • The above price is just a rough budget for your reference. The specific price depends on the traveler’s number and the activities you choose. Usually more travelers in the group, a better price for each person. If you are interested in it, contact us for a customized Yangshuo tour and detail itinerary. Create your own Yangshuo itinerary now!
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