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The Best Time for Traveling to Harbin

The Best Time for Traveling to Harbin

The best time for traveling to Harbin is summer and winter.

Harbin is the northernmost, highest (in latitude) and coldest metropolis in China. Located in the temperate continental climate zone, Harbin has distinct seasonal changes with long and cold winter as well as short and cool summer. It has a great year temperature difference with a small amount of rainfalls. It welcomes its snowfall in November, December and January. Its annual average temperature is 3.6℃ with an average temperature of -24.8℃ in January (the coldest month) and an average temperature of 24.8℃ in July (the hottest month).

In summer, it’s comfortable in Harbin since the trees make pleasant shades that protect you from the scorching sunshine; it’s thus an ideal summer resort. Harbin has most of its rainfalls from July to August. If you visit it during this time, you need to bring rain gear with you. Also, you should stay away from mountains in case of mudslide.

In winter, Harbin shows its charm as it’s all covered by snow. Though it’s cold, you can see a world of ice and snow that’s totally different from the land of rivers and lakes in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Everything is dressed up in white. The ice lanterns, rime pines and various winter sports will add more charm to this land. You can enjoy what ice and snow have to offer.