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The Harbin and Yabuli tour is a journey filled with cultural and natural experiences, allowing visitors to explore the captivating city of Harbin, renowned for its ice and snow festivals, stroll through its historic streets, visit its famous churches and temples, and experience its rich food culture, and then head to the tranquil and picturesque Yabuli ski resort, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, offering an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts, and a great escape from the city life.

We can customize a Private Harbin trip based on your travel interests and requests for travelers from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, etc.

Harbin Ice Festival Tours

Grace, Thank you for your service and it was very nice meeting you. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour "We recommend you to customize a China Festival Tour including Harbin based on your interests..." Read More

Best Harbin Travel Packages

For those looking for the best Harbin tours that include the Yabuli skiing resort, there are several options to consider that offer top-rated hotels for a comfortable stay, such as the Shangri-La Hotel Harbin. These tours typically feature highlights such as exploring the iconic Ice and Snow World, witnessing the stunning ice sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival, visiting the historic St. Sophia Cathedral, experiencing the vibrant Central Street, and enjoying the world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities at Yabuli Resort, which is considered one of the best ski resorts in China.

4 Days Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Tour

Ice and Snow Festival

4 Days Immersion of the Ice Festival Atmosphere


Harbin Tours

Highlights of Harbin

4 Days to Explore a Colorful Ice World


Luxury Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort and China Snow Town Trips

Experience the thrill of the wild in Harbin with tours that take you to the best snow sports destinations, including the Yabuli skiing resort, where you can ski and snowboard down the slopes amidst the breathtaking mountain views, and the China Snow Town, where you can enjoy a winter wonderland of snow-covered trees, traditional wooden houses, and exciting activities like dog sledding and ice fishing, all while being accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will ensure your safety and make your adventure unforgettable.

Harbin Culture Immersion, Icing on the Cake

In Harbin, a city in northeast China, visitors can participate in hand-on cultural activities such as ice sculpting classes to learn the traditional Chinese art form, visiting the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to admire the intricate ice sculptures, trying the local cuisine, such as spicy hot pot and Siberian-style dumplings, and exploring the city's Russian-influenced architecture, including the St. Sophia Cathedral, a Byzantine-style church turned museum.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Tours

Winter is the best time to visit Harbin for the annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival celebrated there.
Down jackets, woolen pants, thermal underwear, waterproof snow boots, hats, scarves and gloves, everything that can keep you warm are necessary. If not, you could buy these in Harbin.
The snow season can last as long as half a year. Harbin weather in January is the coldest.
It is Yabbuli Ski Resort, the largest and best of its kind in China, even in Asia. The resort is located at Yabuli Town of Shangzhi City, about 197 km from Harbin.
The festival usually starts in January 5 and continues to the end of February.
You can find some cheap winter clothes at the Central Street, where you can find many shops, shopping malls and stores.
It is cool in summer in Harbin, so it is a popular summer retreat. Travelers can enjoy the greenery decorating the western-style buildings.
Harbin Red Sausage (哈尔滨红肠), Russian Bread (大列巴), Killing pPig Food (杀猪菜), Double Cooked Pork Slices (锅包肉), Demori Fish Stew (得莫利炖鱼), Grilled Cold Noodles (烤冷面), Harbin Beer (哈尔滨啤酒) and Modern Popsicle (马迭尔冰棍) etc. are must-try foods in Harbin.
Usually, most travelers spend about 2 to 4 days when touring in Harbin, including 2 days touring highlights (Zhaolin Park, Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Scenic Resort, St. Sophia Cathedral and Zhongyang Pedestrian Street) of downtown area and 1 to 2 days exploring the hot destinations around Harbin city, like Yabuli Ski Resort.


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