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A Brief Introduction to the Delicacies in Harbin

Delicacies in Harbin

Features of the Delicacies

Influenced by eating habits of the Russians and ethnic minorities, Harbin cuisine has two main features.

The first one is that you can taste traditional Northeastern dishes. Stewing is the most popular way of cooking when it comes to the Northeastern dishes. They are large in quantity and strong in flavor. For travelers from the south, they might find the Northeastern dishes way too salty. Moreover, the dishes are not cooked delicately, with most of the food in big pieces. However, they are all bright in colors and rich in taste. If you come to Harbin, especially in winter, you have to taste such traditional and scrumptious Northeastern dishes as “the three fresh delicacies,” stewed chickens with mushrooms, stewed pork with vermicelli, braised streaky pork and Modeli braised fish.

Recommended restaurants: Futai Restaurant, Beilaishun, Jiangnanchun, Dongfang Dumplings Restaurant and Wuji Jianggutou Restaurant for Stewing Dishes

The second one is that you can taste very traditional Russian food in Harbin. Taking a look at the history of Harbin, you will find it somehow connected to Russia, especially its food and eating habits. Many Northeastern dishes today are Russian dishes, braised beef with potatoes, for example. Today, there’re many traditional Russian restaurants gathering around the Central Street in Harbin. Also, the Russian loaves have become the delicacies that you have to taste when you visit Harbin.

Recommended restaurants: Huameixi Western-style Restaurant, Xigema Restaurant and Luxiya Coffee House

The Land of Delicacies

There are two places for you to taste the local delicacies, including: the Central Street and the Yellow River Road in the Development Zone.
The Central Street is the most unique street featuring special style in Harbin. There are altogether 71 European-style buildings along the street, with various architecture styles of the Renaissance, baroque, eclecticism and modernism. Thus, it is the precious architecture gallery in China and the longest pedestrian street in Asia. In the Central Street, the local delicacies and shopping activities are in a perfect combination. You can taste both the traditional Northeastern dishes and delicacies from other countries, especially the Russian cuisine. Therefore, it’s a must-visit place if you come to Harbin.

You can take the No.1, No.2, No.8, No.12, No.13, No.15, No.16, No.20, No.20, No.23, No.64, No.85, No.101, No.102, No.103, No.113 or the No.114 bus to get there. You can get off the bus either in the Central Street or in the Youyi Road.

Tips for ordering food:

The food is large in quantity and most of them are stewed. If you order too much, it’s not convenient for you to take out. You’d better order the food with many people. For example, three people order three dishes and four people order four dishes.

It’s colder in the north. The dishes are saltier than any other city in China. If you tend to favor something insipid or something sweet, you can ask the waiters to put less salt in the dishes before you order the food.