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Cornelius, Beate and Rebekka from Germany

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Dear Grace

It took a while until we found some time after our travel to answer to your request.

First of all it was a great trip that gave us a marvelous impression of China and two weeks of real pleasure. Everything was very well organized; actually we faced no trouble during the whole journey. The guides certainly were an important part of the great experience, always being very friendly and open. All travel connections worked easily, and hotel selection was fine. We are very happy about every aspect of this trip.

China Tours

Please find some answers to your questions inline (below).

Huang Shan was a great experience as it provides breathtaking views and nice hiking through the rocks. Also the villages (Xidi, Hongcun and Chengkan) of the area are extremely beautiful (and still alive – not just a tourist attraction). Staying in the Pig’s Heaven Inn was the perfect combination for this tour.

For the guide, April guided us in Huang Shan area was the best. She is very warm hearted and friendly and we quickly found a friendship atmosphere. Her English is really good, she knows a lot about all we asked about. We really had a great time with her. Our guide in Luoyang surprised us with well-spoken German language. She provided us with interesting information and was a charming tour guide during our trip.

China Tours

Most hotels were fine and according to expectations. The room in Xihai hotel on the mountain was clearly simpler than the others, but that was known to us in advance (seems a general issue for the Huangshan mountain hotels).

Pig’s Heaven in Bishan was very nice. Actually we got a room in a third site of this hotel, newly set up near to Bishan. The hotel has sites in Xidi and directly in Bishan, which we have seen as well. We had our dinner in the Bishan house, being a renovated Qing dynasty house, a marvelous place for a dinner (which also tasted very well). Thus, certainly the best hotel experience of the journey.

By the way, Sunworld Hotel in Beijing was also quite good. We rented bikes in the hotel, the service and also the breakfast was good.

China Tours

A few suggestions for your future clients:

- When you visit Huang Shan villages, don’t miss to stay in Pig’s Heaven and also enjoy the dinner there.

- In Shanghai: Go up Oriental Pearl Tower and enjoy the view down through the glass floor (thrilling…).

- Try the variety of Chinese food. In Beijing try Beijing duck and Hot pot.

- We enjoyed the visit of the Shaolin monastery and especially the martial arts show.

- Visit Suzhou (best by G train from Shanghai) and take time to walk through Pingjiang road with its relaxed atmosphere.

- Visit the great wall in Mutianyu which is better than in Badaling. Less people (nearly no busses) and very beautiful landscape.

We will certainly recommend your company.

Best regards,

Cornelius, Beate and Rebekka

Cornelius, Beate and Rebekka from Germany Tailor-made a China Tour to Beijing, Luoyang, Xian, Yellow Mountain and Shanghai.

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