Things to do in Beijing

Top best things to do in Beijing

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Top hands-on cultural activities

Chinese Calligraphy: Take a lesson in Chinese calligraphy and learn how to write characters using a traditional brush and ink. You can try this activity at the China Calligraphy Museum or at a private studio.

Chinese Cooking: Take a cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional Chinese dishes, such as dumplings, noodles, or Peking duck. You can try this activity at various cooking schools in Beijing, such as The Hutong or Black Sesame Kitchen.

Tai Chi: Learn the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi, a form of martial art that focuses on slow, deliberate movements and breathing techniques. You can try this activity at many parks throughout Beijing, such as the Temple of Heaven or Jingshan Park.

Hutong Tour: Take a tour of the narrow alleyways known as hutongs to learn about traditional Beijing culture. You can try this activity on foot or by rickshaw.

Beijing Kite Making: Learn the art of making and flying Chinese kites. You can try this activity at the Weifang Kite Museum or at a private studio.

Chinese Paper Cutting: Learn the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting, where intricate designs are created by cutting paper with scissors or knives. You can try this activity at the China Nationalities Museum or at a private studio.

Chinese Tea Ceremony: Participate in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and learn about the different types of tea and their cultural significance. You can try this activity at various tea houses in Beijing, such as Maliandao Tea City or the Lao She Teahouse.

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Top adventures in Beijing

Scenic helicopter flight over the Great Wall: A helicopter tour over the Great Wall of China is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers breathtaking views of one of the world's most iconic landmarks.

Hiking the Great Wall: The Great Wall is one of China's most iconic landmarks and there are many great hiking routes to choose from. Some popular sections for hiking include Mutianyu, Jinshanling, and Jiankou.

Biking in the Hutongs: The Hutongs are the narrow alleyways that weave throughout Beijing's traditional neighborhoods. Renting a bike and exploring the Hutongs is a great way to get a feel for the city's history and culture.

Top night shows must see in Beijing

The Legend of Kung Fu Show: This show tells the story of a young boy who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master. The performance combines traditional Chinese martial arts with modern choreography and acrobatics.

Beijing Acrobatics Show: This show features a variety of acrobatic acts, including contortionists, jugglers, and trapeze artists. The performers showcase their skills in a high-energy and visually stunning performance.

Peking Opera: Peking Opera is a traditional Chinese art form that combines music, dance, and theater. The performers wear elaborate costumes and makeup and use a unique style of singing and storytelling.

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show: This acrobatics show features a variety of impressive stunts, including balancing acts, contortionism, and aerial performances. The performers use colorful costumes and props to enhance the visual spectacle of the show.

Best food must try in Beijing

Peking Duck: This is a famous dish that originated in Beijing. The dish features crispy roasted duck that is served with thin pancakes, scallions, and a sweet bean sauce.

Jiaozi: Jiaozi is a type of Chinese dumpling that is usually filled with pork and vegetables. It's a popular street food in Beijing, and you can find them at many restaurants and food stalls.

Hot Pot: Hot pot is a popular Chinese dish that involves cooking meat, vegetables, and noodles in a simmering pot of broth at the table. There are many varieties of hot pot, including spicy and non-spicy options.

Zhajiangmian: Zhajiangmian is a type of Chinese noodle dish that is topped with a savory bean sauce, minced pork, and vegetables. It's a simple and tasty dish that you can find at many local noodle shops.

Jianbing: Jianbing is a popular Chinese breakfast food that consists of a crispy crepe filled with egg, scallions, chili paste, and other ingredients. It's a delicious and filling way to start your day in Beijing.

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