Dumpling Making

Dumpling Making

Eunice Tang
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  • Type: Cultural Immersion/ Food
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Local family’s home
Dumpling making in XianDumpling making in Xian

Visiting top tourist attractions, temples and museums is not enough for you to know Xi'an. Local cuisine plays an important role in helping you to have a better understanding of this city. Xi'an people are fond of eating dumplings, and you can find stores selling dumplings almost anywhere here in Xi'an. In this course, you will try your hand at dumpling making at a local family’s home in Lianhu District. This is an entertaining and easy lesson for both children and adults. During the lesson, you can chat with the host to learn about Chinese culture straight from the locals mouths.


Traditionally, families make dumplings together for Chinese New Year. Although nowadays most people skip the dumpling skins making part and buy ready-made wrappers from stores, you will make dumplings from scratch starting by preparing dough for dumpling skins. The ratio of flour to water is almost two to one, though you have to judge it yourself on the actual event. You will need to rest the dough for 20 minutes and move on to making dumpling filling. Most of the time, dumpling filling is made up of minced meat and vegetables, but if you are vegetarian, please inform us in advance so we can prepare the ingredients and teach you how to make vegetarian dumplings. When making dumpling skins, use the hollowed bit in your palm at the center to make the mound. Then, you will be doing repetitive motion with one hand and turning with the other hand when making dumpling skins.

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During this process, your rolling pin should not leave the board. Normally the dumpling skin is thicker at the center so to prevent the dumpling from breaking while boiling. Fill and seal the dumplings, making sure that you got a smooth circle on one side and pleats on the other side. A good dumpling is one that sits and doesn’t tip over. In the past, it was the tradition to hide coins in the dumplings and whoever finds those coins is blessed with good fortune. When done with cooking, try your own dumplings in a classic way by dipping the dumpling into mixed vinegar and chili oil. If you want to extend this experience and learn some authentic local dishes from the host, she will then teach you some simple dishes such as braised aubergine. After the lesson, you will enjoy a meal here.

Eunice Tang

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