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In 1893, James Hilton described an eternally peaceful and quiet place called Shangri-La amidst mountains in the East in a novel. In the novel Lost Horizon, an English diplomat and his brother helped English citizens leave a dangerous region. On their way home their plane was hijacked and fell into a mountain within the Tibetan region. Some lucky survivors were taken to Shangri-la where they found fantastic things that were from nearly 200 years ago. There, the local people lived for more than 100 years old in a peaceful and harmonious way with other people, animals, and the environment. The place was called "Shangri-La" by the locals, which literally translates to “the Sun and Moon in Heart” in Tibetan. James Hilton found "Shangri-La" in a mysterious valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains, where there were snow-clad peaks, blue lakes, broad grassy marshlands, lamaseries, Buddhist nunneries, mosques, and a Catholic Church. Human beings and nature were in perfect harmony. Shangri-La became very famous throughout the western world with the novel and film release. After many investigations, people found that Diqing Prefecture, the only Tibetan region in Yunnan, had a striking similarity to what’s described in the tale because of the natural scenery and people’s way of living. Thus, the name "Diqing-Shangri-La" spread worldwide.

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