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A Brief Introduction to the Local Delicacies

Local Delicacies

Huangshan dishes are a part of Anhui cuisine. Anhui dishes are characterized with frying, stewing, steaming and arts of blending. They attach great importance to the time of cooking and promote original tastes. Generally, people add a lot of oil to dishes. The dishes are also rich in color.

Visitors to Huangshang should definitely taste the local special dish “fragrant mandarin fish,” which is blended with fresh or dried bamboo shoots.

You can taste local delicacies in Yanxi Street and Tunxi Old Street in Tangkou Town or in Mt. Huang.

You can’t miss the delicious food there if you visit Qiyun Moutain. The mushrooms and game meat in particular cooked by the local people are incredibly delicious.

Catering in the Scenic Area

If you dine in the Mountain, you can locate a nearby restaurant or buy instant food. However, they will cost you a lot. If you don’t plan to eat in the restaurant, you can bring mineral water, instant noodles and eggs before you climb the mountain.

Recommended restaurant: Laojie Diyi Restaurant

When it comes to restaurant, Laojie Diyi Restaurant is your primary choice. Located in the entry of eastern Old Street, Laojie Diyi Restaurant is the representative building in the street. It’s also the place where most traditional Hui dishes are served. If you visit the Old Street in Tunxi, you should definitely go there. The hall is furnished in an antique style. Anhui dishes are its most famous cuisine, featuring by its own unique cooking style. Also, the prices are very reasonable. The special dishes include deep-fried tofu, red-cooked mandarin fish, fried bean curd, Huangshan soup and “auspicious chicken.”

Tips for Eating Out

The prices of food vary a great deal in the mountain (cheaper at the foot of the mountain but expensive in the restaurants in the mountain). For instance, you’re supposed to taste delicacies such as the fragrant mandarin fish in the downtown area of Huangshan because they are cheaper and more traditional. The local delicacies are all served in the nearby places of the railway station and in Tangkou Scenic Area. You should focus on replenishing your energy in the mountain rather than tasting the food. If possible, you can bring snacks with you. The empty mineral water bottles can be used to carry clean water from the hotel. You are suggested to buy snack foods and bottled water in Tangkou, and bring them with you up to the mountain.

It is advised that you don’t eat at restaurants recommended by local pedicab drivers. They might charge you more and the dishes are often more expensive.