The Best Time to Visit Huangshan

Huangshan/Yellow Mountain Travel Weather: the Best Time & Seasons to Visit

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Best travel seasons for Mount Huangshan Scenic Spots

The period between March 16 and November 15 is peak season in Mount Huang. However, many tourists believe that winter is the most beautiful season to visit Mount Huang. The winter in Mount Huang lasts very long and starts in late October. From November to the following March there are many snow days. Between December and February is when the snow is heaviest and the best season to travel. Also, you might enjoy the snowy landscape in late October. Even though it is not snowing, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are two periods of time that it is suggested to visit Mount Huang. One is between mid-June and mid-July after Labor Day but before summer vacation. There are very few tourists during this period. It's a good time to climb. The population is less here and the weather is nice. Wildflowers bloom scattered across the mountain. The perfume of flowers fills your nostrils. The second time to visit is in February. The mountain is best on snowy days. The whole mountain is clear as day. The trees and flowers are covered with snow. The entire picture is reminiscent of a fairytale.


The difference in temperature between the mountain and places on the foot of the mountain like TunXi (Hongcun and Xidi) is about 5 to 10 degrees centigrade.

Spring and summers are rainy so rain gear is necessary. A raincoat is recommended because high winds may blow your umbrella away.

  • Time of sunrise:
  • Spring: 5:30-6:00;
  • Summer: 4:40-5:20;
  • Autumn: 4:50-5:20;
  • Winter: 5:30-7:00

In March, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 1℃ and 27℃. At night, the temperature falls below zero and the weather is windy and cold. Therefore, warm undergarments, sweaters, and down jackets are needed to keep you warm. If you don’t mind, you can rent coats temporarily at the top of the mountain.

In April, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 6℃ and 18℃. Keep in mind that it is windy on the mountain so you need to wear a warm coat, a sweater, thermal undergarments, and a pair of hiking shoes. You might also want to bring extra undergarments in case you are sweating or you get cold.

In May, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 8℃ and 29℃. You can wear short sleeves when climbing the mountain. If you want to watch the sunrise, you should bring a coat since the temperature will drop. A T-shirt is enough for climbing because there are many steps. Thus you may feel hot when climbing. Also, you should wear a sweater and coat in the morning and in the evening. At noon, the UV intensity is strong. Make sure you take some sun care products like sunscreen and sunglasses.

In June, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 18℃ and 34℃. A T-shirt and a coat are recommended for daily use. Additionally, you should take a pair of hiking shoes and sun care products like sunscreen and sunglasses.

In July, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 15℃ and 35℃. It is cool in the morning and the evening so a coat is necessary throughout the day. However, the weather is hot at noon so short sleeves and a pair of shorts are fine. You can take off your jacket or coat around that time. Hiking shoes and sun care products are recommended.

In August, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 13℃ and 24℃. It is cool in the morning and evening but hot at noon. In this case, you might want to wear short or long sleeves and short or long pants at noon but put on a coat to keep warm in the morning and evening.

In September, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 3℃ and 21℃. Although it is cold in the morning and the evening, the weather is comfortable during the day. We advise you to take some warm clothes to be prepared when the temperature drops. There may be rain so make sure you have rain gear and boots or sneakers.

In October, the temperature in Mount Huang is between 1℃ and 18 ℃. It is very cold this month. Due to the temperature, you should wear a warm coat, thermal undergarments, shoes, gloves, and a hat.

In November, the temperature in Mount Huang is between -5℃ and 12℃. It’s very cold at night and in the morning. You should bring thermal undergarments, a sweater, and a warm coat. Wearing two layers of clothing is recommended for climbing during the day, especially clothes that are breathable or catch a cold for sweating.

In December, the temperature in Mount Huang is between -17℃ and 10℃. Because the weather is cold, you should bring clothes with heat-insulating ability, such as, down jackets, knits, and sweaters. You will experience physical exertion when climbing so warm clothing is recommended. Bring a warm coat with great heat-insulating ability to enjoy climbing. Hats, scarves, gloves, and anti-skid shoes in case snow is covering the road.

In January, the temperature in Mount Huang is between -14℃ and 3℃. The weather is variable. Although it’s fine, sometimes it’s showery. You should bring a raincoat if you are going to climb the mountain because the winds are too strong for an umbrella. In the morning and the evening, the temperature is low on the mountain. Take some warm coats like woolen sweaters with you. Hiking shoes and sneakers are suitable for climbing. In contrast, wearing leather shoes or shoes with plastic outsole may cause you to slip. Also, you should buy a bamboo stick or a cane to ease your hike. Make sure to focus on walking or stop walking to enjoy the scenery since it would be dangerous to try and do both.

In February, the temperature in Mount Huang is between -4℃ and 13℃, which is similar to that in November. It’s cold in the morning and the evening but warm at noon. You need to take warm clothes and coats. During the day, you can wear a coat.

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