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Weather, the best time to visit Guilin

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The Best Time to Visit Guilin

Guilin, located in the northern Guangxi Autonomous Region, has a subtropical monsoon climate. It enjoys favorable weather conditions, as reflected in its mild temperature and abundant sunshine and rainfalls. Blessed with an average temperature of 19.3℃, Guilin offers its inhabitants comfortable living conditions. It has a frost-free period of 309 days, with an average temperature of 7.9℃ in January (the coldest month) and 28.3℃ in July (the hottest month). Guilin offers distinct views every season. However, the best time to visit Guilin is from April to October.

Spring (from March to May):

Spring is the season when everything comes back to life. While most of northern China is still frozen, Guilin is full of blossoming flowers and budding leaves. In early spring, the average temperature is around 10℃. You’d better wear waterproof and windproof jackets as cold winds and drizzles are common during this period. You are advised to bring umbrellas or raincoats as well. When cruising along the Li River. The winds are especially strong, so an extra layer of clothing is recommended.

In March, the temperature ranges from 11℃ to 17℃, with a huge temperature difference between day and night. It will be damp and rainy, so we suggest you bring autumn clothes and sweaters with you. Generally speaking, two pieces of clothing (a long T-shirt and a coat) are enough for you to keep warm. The young and the elderly should bring an extra coat. If you’re lucky enough to experience some sunny days, a long T-shirt should suffice. Rainboots and other waterproof gear are highly recommended.

In April, the temperature ranges from 16℃ to 23℃. During this period, Longji Terrace Field is filled with water, a beautiful sight. You are advised to bring some long-sleeved shirts, pants, and light coats with you as it’s both damp and muggy. As for ladies, they are suggested to bring some skirts and boots with them. Rainy weather items are strongly suggested. If you are quite tolerant of the cold, you can bring some T-shirts.

In May, the temperature ranges from 20℃ to 27℃. You are advised to bring some short sleeve T-shirts, shirts and skirts with you. The clothes you bring with you shouldn’t be too thick. FYI: Bring umbrellas and rainboots with you as it rains a lot.

Summer (from June to August):

Guilin is prone to heavy rains in April, May, June, and July. The rainfall in summer (nearly 1000 mm) accounts for more than half of the annual precipitation, which is around 1900 mm. If you come to visit Guilin in summer, you will be able to see the mountains and rivers veiled in mist, making you feel as if you were in a mysterious paradise. Mosquitoes are quite active during this period due to the rainy and damp weather conditions. You’re advised to bring some rain gear, light clothes and anophelifuge with you.

In June, the temperature ranges from 23℃ to 30℃. Given the strong ultraviolet rays, you’re advised to bring thick long-sleeved T-shirts and sun protection such as hats and sunglasses. We also suggest you bring some short sleeve T-shirts and shorts with you given that skirts will be inconvenient while climbing and hiking. Umbrellas are a necessity as it rains a lot during this period. And when it’s sunny, you can also use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. You’d better bring good walking shoes as many scenic areas will require some hiking. We also suggest you bring some anophelifuge with you since mosquitoes are quite active during this period.

In July, the temperature ranges from 25℃ to 33℃. The most rain falls during the beginning of July and temperatures rise afterward. Sometimes, the temperature will reach 37℃ or even 38℃. So bring some medicine to prevent sunstroke. You’ll be sweating nonstop so T-shirts, shorts, and skirts are suggested. You are also advised to bring gear for both rain and sunshine. The damp weather is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so you’d better bring some anophelifuge with you.

In August, the temperature ranges from 24℃ to 33℃. The weather is similar to July, with only less rain. According to the lunar calendar, autumn usually begins on August 8. At that point there will be a slight drop in temperature and morning and night will be slightly cooler. But generally, it’s still a little hot during the daytime. Refer to July’s packing list.

Autumn (from September to November):

Cool breezes and bright skies are the themes of the season. Blessed with comfortable weather conditions, this is Guilin’s peak season. There are many sunny days when the rivers are crystal clear and the blue sky is dotted with white clouds. You can see reflections of the green trees, verdant mountains, emerald bamboo, and other beautiful scenery on the face of the river, quite beautiful indeed. Around October, the average temperature is 20 degrees. During this period, you will be able to appreciate the city flower, osmanthus blossoms. . You will be overwhelmed with the sights and fragrances of all kinds of flowers. In the 10th lunar month, there will still be some hot days, almost like an Indian summer. If you visit Guilin at the end of September or the beginning of October, make the trip to Longji Terrace Field. When cruising along the Li River, we suggest you bring an extra layer with you since it can get a bit windy.

In September, the temperature ranges from 22℃ to 31℃. It seldom rains during this period. As it’s still a little bit hot at the beginning of September (25-35℃), T-shirts, pants, and skirts are all a good choice. But at the end of September, the temperature drops to 22-31℃. So long sleeves, pants, and long johns are recommended. Additionally, you are advised to bring some sun protection with you. FYI: Do bring some cold medicine, antidiarrheals, and mosquito repellant.

In October, the temperature ranges from 17℃ to 26℃. Guilin is blessed with comfortable weather conditions and beautiful scenery during this period. It seldom rains in this season and even if it does, it is mostly a drizzle. You can still wear summer clothes like skirts and T-shirts. The temperature usually drops to 18℃ or 19℃ at night. Given the huge temperature difference between day and night, you are suggested to bring a light coat. Additionally, bring a thick coat with you in case of a cold wave. FYI: Umbrellas and rain boots are a necessity

In November, the temperature ranges from 12℃ to 20℃. There is a huge temperature difference between day and night. It will be colder when it’s windy and warmer at noon. You can wear a long shirt and a thick coat during the daytime. If you feel hot, you can simply take off the coat. During the nighttime, you might have to wear a sweater, a coat, and warm shoes. You are also advised to bring windproof hats with you.

Winter (from December to February):

Guilin is enveloped in a festive atmosphere despite the cold winter. From December to January, it is dry, cold, and windy, and it may drizzle from time to time. In February, the temperature gradually increases. The temperature remains low though the sun comes out from time to time. If you visit Guilin during this period, you can have a glimpse of the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. In addition, the hotels and restaurants are not so crowded as winter is the off-season for tourism. If you prefer a quiet stay in Guilin, winter may be a good choice for you.

In December, the temperature ranges from 7℃ to 15℃. It’s both cold and dry during this time. We suggest you bring down jackets, thermal underwear, scarves, gloves, thermal footwear, and some moisturizer with you.

In January, the temperature ranges from 5℃ to 12℃. Normally, January is the coldest (around 0℃). It’s both rainy and windy, so you are advised to bring thick quilted clothes, down jackets, thermal underwear, sweaters, thermal footwear, scarves, gloves, and hats with you. Raincoats and umbrellas are also necessary.

In February, the temperature ranges from 7℃ to 13℃. Normally, the average temperature is about 10℃. If you are not afraid of the cold, you can simply wear a light sweater and a coat (either a quilted or a down jacket should be okay). As for the elderly and children, they are advised to wear thick clothes to keep warm.

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