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Located in the northwest part of Yunnan province, Dali boasts mild weather, fertile land as well as picturesque scenery. Four thousand years of splendid civilization have contributed to the extraordinary enchanting beauty. It’s dotted with diverse cultures and rich history, shaping its own uniqueness that any other place can never compare to. Tibetan culture and Han culture come in mixture that sparkles with strong ethnic flavor. Besides, the local costumes, residences, belief and traditional festivals of the Bai people are also dictated by the unique culture it presents to the outside world. As for natural landscape, the Erhai Lake will never fail to feast for your eyes. Here, you can see mountains beyond mountains and scenery beyond scenery. Overlooking from the top of the mountain, you’ll be amazed by the scene that the whole ancient town is surrounded by mountains and waters, depicting an attractive and tranquil pastoral picture.

Today, new downtown areas are being constructed, aiming at developing Dali into a city with a combination of modern vitality and ancient antiquity. After witnessing thousand years of vicissitudes, Dali is shining as an old but dynamic pearl in the vast land of China.

Dali travel guide

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