Cooking in Yangshuo

Cooking in Yangshuo

Eunice Tang
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  • Type: Cultural Immersion/ Food
  • Duration: 4 hours

Each province in China has its own culinary style and even within the province itself, there is a slight variation. In northern Guangxi, with cities such as Guilin and Liuzhou, most dishes comprise of thick color and a heavy and spicy taste.

Cooking in Yangshuo

In this 4-hour session, you will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare three local dishes with a professional chef in Yangshuo. Beer fish, chicken with cashew nuts, steamed stuffed vegetables, and egg dumplings are some of the classic Guilin dishes. Follow your instructor to get your ingredients for the dishes from a nearby wet market. Identify some seasonal vegetables together with your guide and know how to use them in different dishes. Return to the kitchen and learn the secrets of preparing authentic local food. You will also learn to use chopsticks, chop raw materials in a Chinese fashion, do some simple wok works, and prepare sauces. At the end of this course, enjoy your Chinese gastronomies and have the chance to wow your friends back home, since recipes for the dishes will be given to you.

Please take note that long hours of standing are required for this course and the temperature in the kitchen is high, especially in summer.

Eunice Tang

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