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Experience the best of Shanxi on a comprehensive tour that includes visits to its top attractions such as the UNESCO-listed ancient city of Pingyao and the stunning Yungang Grottoes, while staying in luxurious hotels and indulging in fine meals; get hands-on with local culture through activities such as noodle-making, paper-cutting, and calligraphy, and embark on outdoor adventures like hiking and cycling along the breathtaking countryside; and end each day with unforgettable evening shows that showcase the region's rich heritage and artistic traditions, from traditional opera performances to dazzling light and sound shows.

Robert's 13 Days Beijing Datong Taiyuan Pingyao Shanghai Tour Package

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Top attractions and best sightseeings

Shanxi, known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, boasts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Yungang Grottoes, Mount Wutai, the Ancient City of Pingyao, and the Hanging Temple, along with other must-see attractions such as the Qiao Family Compound, the Jinci Temple, the Twin Pagoda Temple, and the Hukou Waterfall, making it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking to explore China's history, art, and natural beauty.

Best Shanxi (Datong Taiyuan Pingyao) Tours

Discover the wonders of Shanxi at your own pace with our tailor-made tours that cater to your specific preferences and interests, allowing you to choose from a wide range of activities such as cultural sightseeing, outdoor adventures, culinary explorations, and more, while staying in hand-picked accommodations that suit your style and budget, and benefiting from personalized service and attention to detail every step of the way, ensuring that your trip to Shanxi is truly unforgettable.

World Heritages Discovery Tour in Shanxi

World Heritages

Datong, Wutai Mountain, Taiyuan and Pingyao


Shanxi culture


6 Days Highlights, Close Touch of Shanxi Culture


Shanxi Buddhism


8 Days Shanxi Buddhism, A Buddhist Baptism in Shanxi Province


Luxury Private Wild Shanxi Tours

The luxury Private Wild Shanxi Tours are designed for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts who wish to venture off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty, with a wide range of activities such as birding, photography, trekking, cycling, and rafting, among others, all expertly curated to provide an unforgettable and authentic experience, while staying in lavish accommodations and enjoying personalized service throughout the journey.

Top cultural activities and best outdoor adventures

Visitors to Shanxi can immerse themselves in the local culture through a variety of hands-on experiences such as making paper-cutting art, learning calligraphy and Chinese painting, participating in traditional shadow puppetry shows, attending a local opera performance, and even trying their hand at making homemade noodles, while outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy thrilling adventures like hiking in the Wutai Mountains, exploring the Yungang Grottoes by bike, rafting in the Yellow River, skiing in the Taihang Mountains, and camping under the stars in the Hengshan Mountains.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Shanxi Tours

Being at a high altitude, Shanxi Province has a cold and dry climate and has an annual rainfall of between 400-600 millimeters. The province is also frequently plagued by sandstorms, especially in the spring.
Generally speaking, the province's climate is the best between May and October.
Pingyao Ancient Town, Datong Yungang Grottoes and Mount Wutai are heritage sites in Shanxi Province.
Visitors can try the shadow play, paper cutting, biking and wheaten food making if they travel with kids.
Mount Wutai, Yungang Grottoes, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda and Hanging Temple in Datong, the Ancient City of Pingyao, Wang’s Family Compound, Shuanglin Temple and Jinci in Taiyuan are popular attractions among the first time visitors.
Tourists with more time often spend less than 1 week visiting major highlights in Shanxi province, touring Datong, Pingyao and Mount Wutai together. If you only get 1 or 2 days, you may choose one of your favorite destinations, maybe Datong Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple; or Pingyao Ancient City.


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