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Pingyao Local Cuisine

Pingyao Local Cuisine

A Brief Introduction to the Local Delicacies

Pingyao Beef is a famous brand that has a history of hundreds of years and it’s an important part of Shanxi cuisine. It has a unique local flavor.

Wheat foods are dominant in Shanxi cuisine. Like any other place in Shanxi, the local people in Pingyao have millet congee, steamed buns and pancakes in the morning and evening, and noodles served with thick gravy, noodles with soybean paste and kneaded paste in the shape of a fish at noon as their lunch. The blending ingredients  vary and you can add according to your taste.

As to traditional banquets, there are various kinds, including: 28 dishes (four plates of different nuts, four plates of different fruits, four plates of desserts, four cold dishes, four rare dishes, four normal dishes and four bowls of different dishes), 8 important dishes, four hotpots, 8 dishes with 2 soups and a maple food, 9 bowls and 9 plates of dishes, ten big bowls of dishes and 12 plates of dishes, etc.

You can many types of local delicacies in the Ming Qing Street. There are steamed oat-flour pastes, fried millet-flour cakes, fried pancake with red sauce on its top, fried stuffed buns and yam balls. Also, each restaurant has its own features: Yunjingcheng Restaurant is known for its reasonable prices and its variety of food; Changshengyuan Restaurant is featured by unique yellow wine snacks that have a long history; Changxinglong Restaurant is famous because such star as Gongli once went there as a guest; and Tianyuankui Restaurant is an ideal place for a cup of coffee.