Qinghai Tours

A tour of Qinghai would typically include visits to some of the region's main attractions, such as the Qinghai Lake, the largest lake in China, and the Ta'er Monastery, an important pilgrimage site for the followers of Tibetan Buddhism. Other popular activities in the region include visiting the local Tibetan villages to learn about their culture and customs, hiking and exploring the stunning scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and visiting the Tibetan Medicine Hospital to learn about the traditional Tibetan medical practices. Also, Qinghai province is one of the most important destinations for bird watching and many bird-watching enthusiasts travel to the region to see a wide variety of species including Black-necked Cranes and Bar-headed Geese.

Top attractions and best sightseeing in Qinghai

Qinghai, located in northwest China, boasts stunning natural scenery such as the mesmerizing Qinghai Lake, the towering Kunlun Mountains, the vast grasslands of Hoh Xil, and the unique geological formations of the Chaka Salt Lake, as well as cultural landmarks like the Kumbum Monastery and the Dongguan Mosque, making it a top destination for those seeking both natural beauty and cultural richness.

Interesting hands-on cultural activities and safe adventures

In Qinghai, you can indulge in a variety of interesting hands-on cultural activities, such as learning to make traditional Tibetan butter sculptures or participating in a yak butter tea-making ceremony, as well as embarking on safe adventures like hiking along the stunningly beautiful Qinghai Lake or camping in the vast and picturesque Qilian Mountains.


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