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Local food for a traveler

Pingyao is a historic town and is known for its rich culinary heritage. The region's cuisine is characterized by its unique flavors, cooking techniques, and ingredients. Here are some of the most popular dishes and snacks you can find in Pingyao:

Pingyao Beef: This is the most famous dish in the region, made with high-quality beef cooked with a variety of herbs and spices, such as star anise, fennel, and ginger. It is slow-cooked for several hours until it is tender and flavorful.

Pingyao Fried Rice: This is a local version of fried rice that uses a unique combination of ingredients, including diced carrots, Chinese sausages, dried shrimps, and green onions.

Daoxiao Noodles: These are handmade noodles that are shaved from a block of dough using a special knife. The noodles are typically served in a hot soup with a variety of toppings, such as beef, mushrooms, and vegetables.

Wan Dou Gao: This is a popular snack made from mung bean flour, sugar, and water, which is steamed and cut into small cubes. It has a soft and sticky texture and is often eaten as a dessert.

Pingyao Beef Buns: These are steamed buns filled with diced beef, vegetables, and a variety of spices. They are a popular street food and can be found at many of the local food stalls and markets.

Popular restaurants

These are just a few of the popular local restaurants in Pingyao Ancient City. There are many other great options to try, so don't hesitate to explore and discover new places to eat!

De Ju Yuan (得聚园)

De Ju Yuan is a famous restaurant in Pingyao Ancient City that serves traditional Shanxi cuisine. The restaurant has a long history and is known for its delicious noodles, especially the Pingyao beef noodles, which are a must-try dish.

Ri Sheng Chang (日升昌饭庄)

Ri Sheng Chang is another famous restaurant in Pingyao Ancient City that has been around for over 150 years. It is famous for its traditional Shanxi dishes, including the famous sliced noodles, vinegar fish, and local snacks.

Ming Qing Street Restaurant (明清街饭店)

Ming Qing Street Restaurant is located on the main street of Pingyao Ancient City and is known for its traditional courtyard-style architecture. The restaurant serves a variety of Shanxi dishes, including the famous Pingyao beef, tofu dishes, and local snacks.

Tian Yi Ge (天一阁)

Tian Yi Ge is a small and cozy restaurant that is known for its delicious dumplings, especially the pork and mushroom dumplings. It also serves other Shanxi dishes, such as the famous vinegar fish and braised pork.

Ye Sheng Yuan (叶盛源酒楼)

Ye Sheng Yuan is a traditional restaurant in Pingyao Ancient City that has been around for over 200 years. It is famous for its Shanxi cuisine, especially the Pingyao beef and the vinegar fish. The restaurant also has a beautiful courtyard and offers a unique dining experience.

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