Ping'an Zhuang Village

Ping'an Zhuang Village Travel Guide

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  • Name: Ping'an Village/平安寨/píng ān zhài
  • Ethnicity: Zhuang
  • Where: To the north of Guilin, about 80 km.
  • Open hours: 09:00-17:00
  • Entrace fee: RMB80
  • Tour time: 1 - 3 Days
  • Best time to visit: April-October
  • Get to there: 75 Km and about 2 hours from Qintan Bus Station to Longji Terraces Visitor Centre/Ticketing, and transfer to scenic bus to Longji Scenic Area, takes about 20-30 minutes to walk up the hundreds of stone steps to the terraces.
  • A sedan chair service is available for travellers with limited legs
  • What to visit: Ping'an Village, Ancient Zhuang Village, Seven Stars with the Moon(a scenic spot), Nine Dragons and Five Tigers(a scenic spot)

Brief Introduction

Located on top of Longji Terraced fields, Ping'an Zhuang Village is a quiet village with a population of less than 200. It is known as the “Garden of Eden” by foreign tourists. The Zhuang ethnic people that live there maintain traditional and simplistic lifestyles. The majestic Longji Terraced Fields are cultivated by them, along with the Yao minority groups. The Zhuang people have lived on rice cultivation in the fields for generations. Ping'an Village and its terraced fields are a must for most travelers when they travel to Longsheng.

What to see and to do in Ping'an Village

Ping'an Terraced Fields MapPing'an Terraced Fields Map
  • Ancient Zhuang Village (2 hours): different terraced fields and old buildings, about 20-30 minutes by walking away from the Ping'an Village. About 2 hours need to visit.
  • Seven Stars with the Moon (40 minutes): the most famous scenic spot in Ping'an Village, about 0.5 -1 hour to visit.
  • Nine Dragons and Five Tigers (1-2 hours): the most famous scenic spot in Ping'an Village as well, you need to walk up a thousand stone steps to the top to enjoy the sight
  • SummerSummer
  • Hiking Tour (about 1 day): hiking between Ping'an Village and Ancient Zhuang Village, exploring the villages.
  • Bamboo Rice Making: about 1 hour including lunch, a must and interesting experience in Ping'an Village in a local Yao or Zhuang ethnic minority family.
  • Down on the Farm: from 1 hour to half a day, a good chance to know the local's daily farm work.
  • Traditional Paper Making: half-day tour, a traditional paper-making technique that is about to be lost, although listed as a National Heritage Site.
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The village maintains its traditional 3-story wooden buildings. It is a typical construction of high foot railing style. These kinds of buildings are called “Diao jiao lou” (houses projecting over a piece of land or water). This way of constructing is to keep the house clean and protect the family from attacks by snakes or other beasts.

The dressing among the Zhuang people remains the same as traditionally. Men wear short gowns made of coarse cloth, while women wear white laced garments and flower headscarfs.


The surroundings of the Zhuang Village are quiet and elegant with a pleasant climate all year round. From the top of the mountain, visitors can get the best view of the Longji Terraced Rice Fields. It is also splendid to watch the sunrise or sunset at Ping'an Zhuang Village.

How to plan a Longji trip?

  • 1 day hasty trip: Guilin - Longji Terraced Fields(Ping'an Village and Ancient Zhuang Village) - Back to Guilin.
  • A  suitable 2-day  trip: Day 1 - Guilin to Longji, visit Ping'an Village and Ancient Zhuang Village; Day 2 - Explore the villages and Hiking to Dazhai Village/Jinken and drive back to Guilin
  • 3 days trip: Day 1 - Guilin to Longji, visit Ping'an Village and Ancient Zhuang Village, stay overnight; Day 2 - Explore the villages and Hiking to Dazhai Village/Jinken, about 4-5 hours, stay overnight there; Day 3 - Hiking about 3-5 hours from Dazhai to Xiaozhai and drive back to Guilin in the afternoon.
  • Camping trip: The camping trip can be arranged for 2 or 3 days in the Terraced Fields.
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