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The Best Time to Travel

The Best Time to Travel

The Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel in Kashgar is August and September each year. Kashgar region has a complicated geological face; its climate varies enormously from season to season. Thereinto, Kashgar region belongs to plain climate zone in which four seasons are distinct from each other, summer is longer than winter, and the annual average temperature is about 11.5 centigrade. It is very suitable for people to visit there during August and September each year, for the climate is temperate and fruits are grown.

In addition, two large festivals of Islam - Lesser Balram (also called Id al-Fitr, which falls on the late of September by the Muslim calendar.) and Eid al Adha (which falls on the tenth day of December by the Muslim calendar.) During the festivals, large prayer activities will be hold in the Id Kah Mosque. At that time, many thousands Muslims will get together praying and celebrating on the square outside the mosque. The occasion is grand and lively.

Scenic Spots of the Season: Karakouri Lake, Khunjerab Pass

The towering and mystical Mushitage Peak was crowned with snow that is reflecting in pellucid water; the peak and the lake have the same color. Beside the lake, there is Su Bashi grassland where has rich pastures and herds in group. It is very suitable for hiking. Khunjerab Pass is the highest Pass in the workd where erected a Chinese boundary tablet. Because of the bad weather, it can only be visited during May to October.

Delicious food of the season

Kashgar has a beautiful name, “land of fruits and melons”. Melon and fruit trees are ubiquitous there. The fruits and melons are various, good and nutritious. August and September are harvest time; you should savor your taste.