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A customized tour for Kashgar, a vibrant city in western Xinjiang region, could include visiting the famous Id Kah Mosque, strolling through the lively Kashgar Bazaar, exploring the ancient Kashgar Old Town with its unique Uyghur architecture, witnessing the traditional Uyghur way of life at a local home visit or Uyghur cultural show, marveling at the natural beauty of the Karakoram Highway and the Karakul Lake, and indulging in the delicious local cuisine, all while experiencing the warm hospitality of the local people and learning about their rich history and culture.

Adoption Return China Tour

Grace, Thank you again for such a wonderful trip to China!! It was everything we hoped it would be, especially the visit to Anna's orphanage in Shihezi. All of our guides were absolutely great, but Sammy..." Read More

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