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The Best Time to Visit Inner Mongolia

The Best Time to Visit Inner Mongolia

Generally, the best time for traveling to Inner Mongolia is summer. This is the best time for you to enjoy what the grasslands have to offer. Since Inner Mongolia extends a wide span of land from the west to the east, the time for appreciating the various sceneries in different areas is not the same. Roughly speaking, there are two tourist areas in Inner Mongolia: the prairie area and the desert area.

The weather in spring, summer and autumn in the prairie area is nearly the same. From May to September, it’s comparatively mild and cool there, which will make your trip comfortable. Yet you should visit between the middle of July to the beginning of September. During this time, the grasslands are lush and flocks and herds are everywhere. What’s more, the annual Nadam Fair will be held during this period. By then, you will have witnessed the grand fair and had the opportunity to ride a horse in the grassland. Recommended scenic areas: Xilinguolemeng and Hailaer

It’s harsh in the desert area. Sandstorms are commonly seen in spring; it’s incredibly hot in summer and exceedingly cold in winter; it’s in autumn that you can enjoy the cool wind and sunny days. So, autumn is the best time for you to go to the desert area. Following a group of camels into the desert, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery that the strong winds and oases have to offer. If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to see the mirage by yourself, experiencing the gorgeous charm of the desert. In addition, places such as the poplar forests in Ejina and the vast stretch of forests in Aer Mountain show their exceptional charm in autumn. When it comes to autumn, the red leaves in the vast poplar forests are just like fires burning across the earth and the sky, majestic and magnificent; the green forests fade away and embrace colorful hues just like an oil painting, beautiful and enticing. Recommended scenic areas: Alashanmeng, Chifeng and Xing’anmeng

The winter in Inner Mongolia is rather long with a temperature 30℃ lower than the freezing point and sometimes extremely harsh weather is common. This season is not good for traveling. In recent years, traveling to Inner Mongolia in winter to appreciate the snow scene is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. In winter, the prairie is covered by snow, providing a perfect opportunity for you to appreciate the dancing snowflakes and the vast snowfield. There, you can truly understand what the poem “hundreds of leagues are locked in ice and thousands of leagues are surrounded by whirling snow” means. You can give various ice-skating sports a shot. Winter is a slack season for tourism, so there aren’t too many travelers there and you can stay away from boisterousness and enjoy what tranquility has to offer. However, you need to stay warm to be free from coldness. When undertaking any ice-skating activity, you need to be very careful. You should also watch the transportation and communication conditions closely. Recommended scenic areas: Hailaer and Xing’anmeng

Recommendations for the seasons: Nature displays its charm and beauty in the four different seasons. In the prairie, flowers blossom and flocks scatter around the grassland in spring; green grasses wave with the wind in summer; the prairie is dyed with the color of gold in autumn; the grassland is encapsulated by snow in winter. You need to experience what these beautiful sceneries have to offer with your heart.

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