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Highlights of Inner Mongolia

Hohhot, located in northern China, is a renowned city known for its ethnic roots. It is not only home to many places of interest, but also endowed with picturesque landscapes. The culture and its richness is demonstrated through the unique folksongs, dances and Mongolian-style wrestling events. These and more will contribute to a pleasant and unforgettable stay here. Visitors credit their enjoyment to the natural landscapes in Hohhot. . They include theHuitengxile grassland, Gegenlata and Xilamuren. The grasslands are filled with rivers glistening under the sky and extend as far as the eye can see. For those from urban regions, the grassland an ideal place to get away from the noise and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Highlights Tour of Inner Mongolia

Highlights of Inner Mongolia: Beautiful Grassland and Culture of The Nation on Horseback

Day 1: Arriving in Hohhot early allows you to maximize your time there. Your day starts with the Five-Pagoda Temple, which is derived from the five stupas on a foundation tower. The exquisite stone inscriptions and sculptures are representative of Lamaism culture. Immediately following is a trip to the Inner Mongolia Museum. It is a great place to discover Mongol national identity through the tens of thousands of historical relics. Shortly after, lunch is given at a local fine restaurant. Lunch is followed by a visit to a temple called Dazhao Temple. It was first built in 1579 and is the Tibetan Buddhist center in Inner Mongolia. The three highlights of the temple include the silver Buddha, inscriptions of dragons, and murals. Nearby, there is the Zhaojun Tomb which is a place to learn about the history of intermarriage in the Han Dynasty. Intermarriage in that period was said to bring peace between two states.

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Highlights Tour of Inner Mongolia

Day 2: Today you will be driven for approximately 2.5 hours to Huiteng Xile Grassland. It is a vast grassland that combines the gentle elegance of clean water and green hills with the beauty of brutalism. To enjoy the scenery, many ride a horse through the green land in search of the horizon where the grassland and sky merge. Lunch is later arranged at a local yurt. In the evening, you are driven back to the city to visit Islam Street. Islam Street is a street in Muslim quarters where 70% of Hohhot’s Hui people live. Here, you can experience Muslim culture and taste the tasty food.

Highlights Tour of Inner Mongolia

Day 3: Your Inner Mongolia grassland experience has come to an end. Your guide and driver will escort you to the airport for next destination.

Meals: breakfast included in the hotel, fine local restaurants for lunch or dinner upon your request

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