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Terri Courtney Tailor-Made Beijing Tour

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Hi Grace:

We are doing very well. Our trip home was good, even though it was a long flight.

We enjoyed our tour guide, Gerry. He was very accommodating and answered all our questions. The tour itinerary was perfect--it covered all the famous places we wished to see.

Gerry was very helpful with my sister, holding her arm making sure she would not fall, especially at the Great Wall. Barbara's first day was a culture tour, and her lunch was wonderful at a local Chinese restaurant with great food.

Every lunch was excellent, but too much food. We only needed to order 2 dishes.

Our driver was very good and capable of handling all the traffic. We felt very safe in the heavy, well-built car, especially on the long trip to Great Wall.

Gerry always came to the hotel extra early and was very happy to take us on the tour. He loves his job.

This is our third review and we are happy to do it.

Thank you,

Terri Courtney

Terri from America Tailor-Made a China Tour to Beijing

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