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Shona's Hong Kong Guilin Hangzhou and Shanghai Tour Package

Hong Kong Guilin Hangzhou and Shanghai Tour Packages

Dear Grace,

Thank you for your email. 

I will attempt to address you questions.

As per the most memorable attraction I visited, for me it was the rice terraces. I really enjoyed being able to walk into the village and the walk through the rice terraces. It was a privilege to be able to walk through the fields as the local farmers worked the fields.

Linda was the most outstanding guide. She was very caring, very quick to identify our needs and do her best to address them. This combined with her genuine friendliness and dedication to making sure we were well cared for.

The tea cozy hotel was the favorite not only was it very well appointed but the staffs were very friendly and helpful. Most of the hotels were quite good. My least favorite was the hotel in Hangzhou. Unfortunately the staffs were not very helpful and very few spoke English. The corridor outside our room had a very strong cigarette smell.

Hong Kong Guilin Hangzhou and Shanghai Tour Packages

For the food, the restaurants we visited were quite good and food was fresh. I think my favorite was McFound in Guilin.

For the train travel, the high speed trains were clean and efficient. Advice to other travellers is to warn them about the possibility that they might not be able to travel together. If they find they are to board the train in different carriages, they might find they are entering the platform from different doors. This was very stressful for us especially as it happened on our first day in China. 

Special suggestions for other travellers - carry tissues. The experience of the toilets in China is very different for Non-Chinese travellers. The requirement to not flush toilet paper/tissues might be unexpected. Ensure they have good walking shoes.

Hong Kong Guilin Hangzhou and Shanghai Tour Packages

I did enjoy my holiday but I do not recall any wow factors.

I would recommend your company. Your service was very good and prompt 

You can provide my name as a reference. I would like to be contacted by email.

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you very much for all the help you offered us in the organization of our holiday and your contact throughout our trip.

Many Thanks


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