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Datong is a historic city that boasts a wealth of cultural and natural attractions, including the impressive Yungang Grottoes with its intricate Buddhist sculptures, the towering and well-preserved ancient city walls and gateways of the city, the exquisite Hanging Temple that seems to defy gravity by clinging to a sheer cliff face, the vast expanse of the Hengshan Mountains which offer scenic hiking trails and stunning vistas, and the bustling and colorful night market that offers a taste of local cuisine and culture.

The top attractions must-visit in Datong:

  • 1) Visit the Yungang Grottoes: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features over 50,000 Buddhist statues and carvings.
  • 2) Explore the Hanging Temple: This is a unique temple that is built into the side of a cliff and appears to be hanging in mid-air.
  • 3) Tour the Nine-Dragon Screen: This is a stunning example of traditional Chinese architecture that features a decorative screen with nine dragon images.
  • 4) See the Wooden Pagoda: This is the oldest wooden pagoda in China and is a marvel of architectural engineering.
  • 5) Visit the Datong City Walls: These ancient walls date back to the Ming dynasty and offer a glimpse into the city's rich history.
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Top Attractions in Datong Must Visit


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