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Chongqing Local Cuisine

Chongqing Local Cuisine

The most famous Chongqing cuisine is definitely the Chongqing hotpot, which was initially created by the boatmen and the boat trackers. Today, famous hotpot restaurants are Qinma, Dezhuang, Sudajie, Baxiang Yutou and Xiao Tian’e.

Tips: If you are not a big fan of hot and spicy flavor, you can choose the “mandarin duck hotpot (with spicy broth and clear broth separated by an interlayer in the pot).”

The Nanbin Delicacies Street

Standing by the Yangtze River, the Nanbing Delicacies Street is the most popular catering street in Chongqing. Such catering businesses as Qinma hotpot, Taoranju, Shunfeng 123, Qi Wazi, Waipo Bridge and Ayi abalone restaurant all gather here. A number of water bars, tea bars and pubs can also be found here. The per capita expenditure here is around 50 RMB. Also, the scenery by the lake in Nanbin Road is of exceptional beauty, so you can enjoy the food while appreciating the lake view.

Address: the Liberation Monument Bayi Road, Yuzhong District

Yangjiaping Zhigang Main Street

Such distinctive restaurants and catering stores as Chinese restaurants, hotpot restaurants, and western restaurants lie on both sides of the Yangjiaping Zhigang Main Street, with some recreational places scattered along it. The restaurants there are rich in various cuisines and are reasonably priced. Famous restaurants include Wuling Shanzhen, Xiangcaiyuan, Qinma and Zuihechun.

Address: Yangjiaping Zhigang Main Street, Jiulongpo District

The Three Gorges Dam Square

The Three Gorges Dam Square is different from any other delicacy street in the city as it’s more spacious and full of high level stores. Famous restaurants are Taoranju, Lijude Great Hotel, Dazhaimen, Sudajie, Qinma and Dezhuang.

Address: The Three Gorges Dam Square, Shaping Dam