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The Culture in Chengdu

The Culture in Chengdu

Chengdu Teahouse

Going to the teahouse is a special hobby of the Chengdu people. In Chengdu, there are teahouses in the busiest streets, tea stands in the shabby lanes, open-air tea rooms in the parks and tea gardens in colleges. Teahouses are everywhere, especially in the old streets and lanes where teahouses come to your vision one after another. Additionally, the teahouses are packed with streams of customers. The business of teahouses is too good to believe!

The teahouses in Chengdu are rich in history and come in a large number of unique styles. No matter which teahouse you go to, you will experience the Chengdu local lifestyle. The bamboo arm-chairs, small rectangular tables, special teapots, traditional kitchen stoves, purplish coppery pots as well as the skillful waiters who are responsible for serving the guests with tea will impress you a lot.

The teahouses are important recreational places for local people. Nearly all Sichuan folk arts can be found here: Chinese storytelling, the Sichuan opera, the Sichuan cymbal, the Sichuan rap songs with the sound of bamboo clappers, and along with others.

Apart from the roles mentioned above, the teahouses are important places to socialize. People from all walks of life gather there and regard teahouses as ideal places for them to hang out with both new and old friends. They sit around, gossip and talk about social events. The teahouse, indeed, is a reflection of social life of the local people.

Chengdu Pandas

Chongzhou, Dujiangyan, Dayi, Pengzhou and Qionglai in the domain of Chengdu are places where pandas haunt about and one of the main regions where pandas live in compact communities. Visitors from home and abroad come to Chengdu in the hope of seeing the pandas.

The Pandas Breeding and Research Base of Chengdu is located on the peak of Futou Mountain in the northern suburb of Chengdu with a broad road connected to the downtown area. It’s the most popular place for watching pandas. Such rare animals are on the verge of extinction as giant pandas, infant pandas and black-necked cranes live there without being bothered by the outside world. In the halls and grasses, the giant pandas sit or sleep, drink or play with each other. Each of them have fun. What a compelling picture it is.

There is no panda exhibition hall in the Chengdu Zoo that is situated in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. There are over ten pandas in total on display. The artificial propagation technology is exclusively owned by the zoo and has developed into the international advanced level, drawing attention from all around the world.