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Spring in China: Travel guide and vacation ideas

After the chilly and hush season of winter, China is coming alive with colour and vibrancy. Spring is one of the best time of the year to be in most parts of China, not least because many cities are coming to life with beautiful flower blossom. If you are planning to travel to China in this lovely season for your next vacation, read on our guide to spring in China. 

Weather in China during spring

Typically spring runs from March through May but temperature may vary in different regions of China. Temperature fluctuates frequently in spring and there’s a great temperature difference between day and night. Southern China warms up in March while some regions in the north are still experiencing sub-zero temperature. Temperature only rises in April in northern China.

Things to take note of while visiting China in spring are:

  • 1) high humidity across the country, especially south China;
  • 2) high occurrence of sandstorm in northern region in March and April;
  • 3) rainy season lasts from April to September in south region, while from July to August in the north.

Bring along rain gear and mask according to your journey, and keep an eye on weather forecast. Get more detailed about climate of China.

Why visiting China in spring

  • Flowers blossom
  • Pleasant weather and temperature
  • Celebrate traditional holidays of China’s ethnic minorities
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