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Weather, the best time to visit Shanghai

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Spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November) are the best seasons to visit Shanghai. Shanghai has a subtropical maritime climate and is strongly influenced by monsoons. With a favorable climate, the city has four distinctive seasons and abundant rainfall. Shanghai's hottest months are in July and August. During these two months, the scorching heat may last for ten days with an average temperature above 35℃. Around this time you are not advised to undertake outdoor activities because of the excessive heat. The coldest months are January and February. Though it seldom snows during this time you may find it hard to stand in the freezing, cold wind. If you decide to visit then you should be prepared for cold weather conditions. June and July days are often marked by drizzles with foggy overcast and rain. From August to September typhoons are typically seen in Shanghai accompanied by unexpected storms. If you visit Shanghai during this time make sure that you have an umbrella with you and appropriate shoes.

Spring (from March to May): Spring is a good time for visiting Shanghai as it is gradually getting warmer and the flowers are blooming. It is blessed with a heavy amount of rainfall which contributes to a comfortable stay there. It is still mildly cold at the beginning of March but will get warmer later. If you visit Shanghai during this time you will find the city is scattered with blooming flowers and budding trees. You will be delighted to see that spring is present throughout the city. What a lively scene you’ll encounter! Given the chilly weather, you are suggested to bring a sweater and a coat with you. When March ends T-shirts, light coats and pants are ideal choices for visitors.

In March, the temperature ranges from 5℃ to 15℃. It is not until March that it starts to get warmer, but it is still quite cold. Thus, you are suggested to wear a light sweater and a coat (like a jacket). Sometimes you may have to wear wool pants to stay warm. In case of unexpected weather conditions, you should bring a thick coat. Additionally, given the damp and rainy weather, bringing an umbrella would advise.

In April, the temperature ranges from 11℃ to 19℃. Considering the huge temperature difference between day and night you are advised to wear a light sweater and coat. You are suggested to bring some summer clothes with you in case the temperature rises unexpectedly. FYI: You should wear a coat that can be easily taken off. This allows you to adapt to the changing weather conditions in a day quickly  (cold in the morning and during the night, and hot at noon).

In May, the temperature ranges from 16℃ to 24℃. During this time, you may see people wear both short T-shirts and coats. If you visit to Shanghai then you are suggested to bring a light coat in case of cold and rainy weather. FYI: Rain gears is a must! Additionally, packing light shoes (like sandals) and sneakers are advised.


Summer (from June to August): The temperature is mild during this time. Since there are drizzles throughout this season you will find that the weather shifts quickly. You are expected to bring rain gear with you. Also, you may encounter typhoons or sweltering weather if you visit Shanghai during this time. You need to be fully prepared for the burning sun and rainy days. It is advised to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas.

In June, the temperature ranges from 21℃ to 27℃. It drizzles a lot  so umbrellas are a must. When it doesn’t rain it’s a little hot in the daytime and slightly cold in the nighttime. You are advised to bring summer clothes as well as long shirts and light coats with you in case conditions change. Also, sandals and rain boots should be brought as well.

In July, the temperature ranges from 25℃ to 32℃. Given the sultry weather, you are suggested to bring T-shirts, skirts, shorts, and sandals with you to keep cool. Additionally, sun-protective items like caps, sunglasses, sunscreen, and umbrellas are highly recommended.

In August, the temperature ranges from 25℃ to 32℃. The weather is quite similar to that of July. The difference is that there is a growing number of typhoons and storms. After a rainy and windy day, the temperature tends to cool down.  It is suggested that you bring some T-shirts that can dry easily with you. Also, rain boots are necessary. For elderly and children, they should bring some long shirts and pants with to reduce the chances of illness. FYI: Light raincoats, umbrellas, and sun-protective items are advised.


Autumn (from September to November): Shanghai is bound by sunny days and comfortable weather in this season. There is a temperature difference between day and night so it is suggested to bring some autumn clothes to keep warm. It seldom rains in this season. A shirt and pant would work well in this weather. Since it may get cold in the second half of the month you may feel like winter has come out of the blue. You may be wearing a thick shirt one day, but you find yourself dressed in winter clothes the next! FYI: You are suggested to drink more water as it is dry in autumn. Additionally, lip and facial moisturizers are necessary during this time.

In September, the temperature ranges from 21℃ to 28℃. There is a big temperature difference between day and night so you are suggested to bring both thick and light clothes with you, including thick shirts, long skirts, and T-shirts. A thick coat that can be easily taken off is recommended.

In October, the temperature ranges from 15℃ to 23℃. Light coats, T-shirts, shirts, and jeans would work well in this weather. The average temperature at nighttime is 15℃. It is suggested to bring wind coats, jackets, and light sweaters with you to keep warm.

In November, the temperature ranges from 9℃ to 17℃. It is best to bring some sweaters and coats with you. When it’s cold in the morning and during the night, you can wear a sweater, a coat warm shoes to protect yourself from the cold.


Winter (from December to February): The day starts to get shorter in this season. It may be completely dark after 5:00 p.m. The coldest days in Shanghai are during the Spring Festival (from the end of January to the beginning of February), with the lowest temperature below 0℃. It is both damp and cold during this time. Given the cold weather, you are suggested to bring gloves and a hat with you. In some cases, you may have to wear more than two pairs of pants. Bringing sweaters, overcoats, and down jackets is strongly advised. Considering the dry conditions you are advised to drink more water and prepare yourself by applying hand and face creams. 

In December, the temperature ranges from 3℃ to 11℃. There may be a huge temperature difference between day and night. It will be colder when it’s both rainy and windy. Thus, it is suggested to bring thick sweaters, down jackets, thermal underwear, scarves, hats, gloves, and thermal shoes.

In January, the temperature ranges from 1℃ to 8℃. The temperature in this month is lower than that of December. You are suggested to bring thermal underwear, thick sweaters, down jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, and thermal shoes with you. As Shanghai has a subtropical monsoon climate, it is cold and dry in the winter. As a result, it is important to bring moisturizers with you.

In February, the temperature ranges from 2℃ to 9℃. You are suggested to bring thermal clothing like wool pants and thick pants. A wool coat and a few cardigans will also be necessary to withstand the weather. You can wear an overcoat (or a down jacket), a hat and a scarf

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