Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road

Nora Zheng
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Nanjing Road is the busiest shopping street in Shanghai. It has been a center of commerce in Shanghai for more than a century. It is at the intersection of Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road. This prosperous Nanjing walking street usually refers to the Nanjing East Road, which has a million visitors every day.

Nanjing West Road features up-market shopping centers, office buildings, and some retail outlets. Many of Shanghai’s oldest and largest department stores are located on Nanjing East Road. Additionally, there are a variety of domestic retail outlets and traditional delicacies available. The Jin Jiang Park Hotel there is Shanghai’s well-known historical hotel.

Nanjing Road has been a significant shopping area since the early 19th century. Hundreds of stores were established on both sides of the road because of the good “fengshui” there. Some of them gained notoriety soon after their creation. For example, the four famous global department stores by the early 19th century was “Xianshi” (Shanghai Fashion Company); “Yongan” (Hualian Plaza); “Xinxin” (No.1 Food Company); and “Daxin” (Shanghai No.1 Department Store). By the end of the 1920s, Nanjing Road flourished with colorful neon lights at night. Later, large shopping centers sprang up similar to that of a bamboo shoot after a spring rain. If you don’t feel like walking on the street, you can take a sightseeing carriage.

Visitors often celebrate holidays at Nanjing Road including the Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Easter. Shanghai is an international metropolis and Nanjing Road is a reflection of the prosperity of modern Shanghai.

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