Madam Tussauds Shanghai

Madam Tussauds Shanghai

Nora Zheng
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The Madam Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum in Shanghai is the sixth in the world after London, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York City and Hong Kong. It opened on May 1, 2006, on the tenth floor of the New World Department Store at West Nanjing Road. The museum is divided into seven themes: Glamour, Behind the Scenes, Celebrities, Music, Film, Speed and Sports.

The museum is famous for its lifelike and vivid wax figures of well-known celebrities domestic and abroad. So far more than 75 famous people from different fields like politics, sports, entertainment, and business have been imitated to be made into lifelike wax figures for exhibition. Each of the statues are well selected according to scientific polls.

There, the former US President Obama’ wax figure smiles at you. The former Secretary of States Hillary Clinton stands next to Obama. You can take pictures standing between them recording the moment you “met” with these two political figures. David Beckham frowns in preparation for competing. Yao Ming is jumping for a shot with a basketball in his hand. Jackie Chan is in a casual suit, while Brad Pitt looks serious and Angelina Jolie is in a shiny blue dress. Li Jiacheng discusses something with Bill Gates, but the two are said to have not met. Madame Tussaud stands at the corner smiling while she is looking at the kids playing. All these figures presented are so lifelike that you may think they’re real.

There are not only exhibitions of famous people, but also other interesting things. You can see the process of making wax figures in detail at the section Behind the Scene. With advanced technology Madame Tussauds Shanghai has been working on adding more interesting elements to arouse curiosity and delight by visitors.

Nora Zheng

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