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Christian's Hotel in Luoyang

Located in the central business district of Luoyang, Christian’s Hotel is the first business hotel featuring the simplicity of Luoyang. It was once awarded the first prize of Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar Design Competition. Each floor of the hotel has its own unique theme, including, Bali Island Impression-sauntering in the clouds, European Classic Impression-enjoying a Roman holiday, Chinese Impression-appreciating the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, and the Charm of Geometry-exploring the myth of circles, to name just a few. Characterized by modern simplicity and practicality, the hotel’s design achieves harmony between sense and sensibility, and between space and furniture, which is shown in its space division, designing elements and supporting amenities. Progressive as it is, the design creates a tranquil ambience. It’s modern but tasteful, simple but elegant, feature a fusion of Chinese elements and Western-style. Every detail of the hotel is characterized by the originality of designers. Even a desk lamp or a door does so. They are both beautiful and practical. If a designing style amounts to a lifestyle, then we can say Christian’s Hotel fully demonstrates the dashing lifestyle of modern people in its design.

Lee Royal Hotel Mudu in Luoyang

Invested by China Molybdenum Co., Ltd., Lee Royal Hotel Mudu is Luoyang’s only 5-star business hotel under the management of Hong Kong Lee Gardens Hotel Management Group. In 2012, the hotel was awarded Golden Star Award-the highest level of prize in China’s hotel industry. It was Luoyang’s only hotel to receive this honor. Located in Luoyang’s New District-the political, financial, cultural and commercial center of Luoyang, the hotel is located convenient to transportation.

Sofitel Zhengzhou

As a 5-star hotel of international standard, Sofitel Zhengzhou has successfully received a number of political leaders and royal family members from around the world since its establishment. As a member of Accor International Hotel Group (hailed as the vanguard hotel in Europe), it has received many honors and awards, including “One of China’s 50 Best Business Hotels” by Forbes, and “Top 10 Guests Choice Award” by Dahe Daily. It’s well acclaimed domestically and abroad for its magnificent lobby filled with natural landscape.

Yuda Palace Hotel in Zhengzhou

The hotel’s uniquely designed Chinese-style banquet hall feature European architectural style, with a seating capacity of 700. Its banquet halls and 10 meeting rooms of different sizes altogether cover an area of 2,000 square meters, which are geared to the needs of various business events. The 6 restaurants of distinctive styles are all designed by famous designers. The Bellini Italian Restaurant on the 37th floor is the most common restaurant of the hotel overlooking the picturesque downtown. The Le Bicester Cafeteria on the 8th floor serves buffets of different flavors from around the world. The Chao Zhou Restaurant on the 14th floor serves a variety of delicate Teochew cuisine, taking you on a journey of exploring the profound richness of Chinese culinary arts.

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