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An Introduction to the Local Delicacies

An Introduction to the Local Delicacies

Luoyang cuisine has a profound significance historically. There, you can enjoy not only the high-class Yan dishes that are known as the royal court dishes, but also the specially cooked carps that are quite popular among the local people. Also, you can taste Bufan (refers to two fried flour-made slices) soup and the delicious roasted chicken in the Restaurant of Zhangji.

The local people are gluttons of soups, so the most striking feature of Luoyang cuisine is exemplified by soup. The various soups have become common snacks on the streets of Luoyang including, Bufan (refers to two fried flour-made slices) soup, pepper soup and beef soup.

The Water Banquet of Luoyang

The most unique cuisine: the Water Banquet of Luoyang

The Water Banquet has two meaning as follows: a) all the hot dishes are all cooked with soups and juices; and b) the dishes are served continuously one after another like the running water.

Features of the Water Banquet include: a) the cuisine covers a wide and good selection of cooking materials, including birds, beasts, fish and vegetables. Any vegetable planted in the field can be made into dishes. Usually, vegetables are cooked with meat. The dishes you order depend on your budget; b) The dishes are all cooked with and soups and juices and rich in tastes, such as sour, peppery, sweet and salty; c) The order of serving dishes are strictly specified. All the cooking materials are well selected and blended, and the dishes are neither undercooked nor overcooked. The Water Banquet can be classified into three kinds that are tailored to different groups, namely high-class, middle-class and low-class.

The most famous restaurant offering the Water Banquet in Luoyang: Zhenbutong Restaurant

Established in 1895, the Zhenbutong Restaurant has gone through a history of 109 years. It’s a brand name store in China as well as a famed Chinese and international restaurant. The address is as follows: No. 359 Zhongzhou Dong Road (you can take a bus there, or you can spend 6 to 7 Yuan taking a taxi there from the downtown area.)

The most popular dishes and snacks in Luoyang: the cooked dishes with peonies on their tops, deep-fried meat balls, peaflours-made noodles