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Lunan Stone Forest

Lunan Stone Forest

General Introduction

Lunan Stone Forest scenic area is located in Lunan County, which is about 100 kilometers to the east of Kunming (capital of Yunnan province). Grotesque rock formations have contributed to the spectacular stone forest and dreamlike caves found there. The wondrous landscape is also scattered with tranquil and limpid, high-altitude freshwater lakes and rushing cascades. Lunan Stone Forest has these and more to offer. The simplistic lifestyle of the Yi people adds even more charm to this beautiful region. In 2007, Lunan Stone Forest was placed on the UN list of World Natural Heritage Sites.

The Stone Forest

The scenic area consists of seven smaller scenic areas called Big and Small Stone Forest, Naigu Stone Forest, Dadie Water, Changhu Lake, Moon Lake, Zhiyun Cave and Qifeng Cave.

The Stone Forest is revered for its peaks rising towards the sky. Looking at the scene from different perspectives will allow you to see changing beauty of the stones. The rugged stones rise quickly out of the ground and stretch high to the sky, giving a sense of awe to the visitors. If you stand on one of the stone peaks you’ll be able to overlook the towering stones that appear like a thick forest. Additionally, you’ll be amazed by the scattering crystal-like cascades crossing the stones. Meanwhile, the echo of running water is constantly heard as if you’re in a fairytale. The large-scale “forest” is rare throughout the world. Stones, caves and cascades are such a perfect combination that it has not failed to attract many visitors.

Ethnic Culture

The charm of Lunan Stone Forest not only lies in its unique natural landscape, but its local customs and practices. The people from different ethnic groups live in compact communities harmoniously through a simplistic lifestyle. Amongst them, Sani people, a branch of Yi people, are renowned for their diligence, gallantry and cordiality. For over 2,000 years, generations of Sani people have multiplied on this land, creating and shaping the distinctive and profound Yi culture. This culture is characterized by its name, “Ashima,” which has become a symbol of Yunnan province.